Creative or just plain weird? 

It is good to be different sometimes and these images I came across this week certainly fit that category!

Feeling lonely? Try the 'hug me' coat

I am not sure if this idea is really great or really spooky! Si Leong Chan, a student at the London College of Fashion has designed a bright green puffer jacket with rows of hands intertwining down the front. Called The Hug Me Coat Chan says he has used the ideas of connection and loneliness as inspiration. 


(Source via my colleague Louise Davies)

Knit your own tank!


Just like the jacket I am not sure what I think about this knitted tank slipper design! The pattern is actually available on Etsy to buy! 


What to do with your old jeans!


I'm not sure I would want this in my house or garden as, like the 'hug me' jacket it is really quite spooky. Just like the other products it is however a great example of quirky and creative designing.  


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