Crochet, showcase your creations, & internship opportunity 2

Amazing crochet portraits

Those of you who have read some of my earlier blogs will know that I recently taught myself how to crochet. I have had a go at most crafts related to textiles but crochet wasn't an area I had ever done. 

IMG_2590 _Snapseed

I picked the basics up quickly but have found it really hard to get used to increasing and decreasing or doing fancy things such as circles and fancy patterns and shapes. Maybe I am getting old as I find the reliance on counting for anything beyond a basic shape means I quickly lose my place (and patience!). 

For the moment I am sticking with basic shapes that rely on no shaping at all! The phone cover in the picture is one of my first finished pieces.

When I saw the amazing portraits made out of crochet in the link below I realised just how far I had to go with the use of different colours and shaping. The detail is amazing and I particularly like the loose threads hanging down which really help emphasise the fact that the picture is made out of yarn.

Internship opportunity

If you or anyone you know lives in the Nottingham area and is interested in vintage and craft and is looking for work experience in a creative environment take a look at The Spinsters Emporium blog. They are advertising a 1 day a week internship which is really good for anyone wanting to set up their own business or who wants to find out more about working in a creative business. The shop has a long list of high profile clients and credits including Diesel, Liberty and Vogue. To find out more visit the blog and scroll down to September 10th's entry 

Showcase your creations

This is a great website for showing off the things you make. It is not a selling site although you can link it to things like Etsy and other similar selling sites. It is a way of showcasing your work and networking. People vote for your work and then the most popular ones get promoted including in the monthly newsletter. 

This is a great way of raising your profile whether you are in business or not and a nice way of getting feedback on what you make. Joining up is free so you have nothing to loose by putting your work on there. Visit

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