Have a very denim Christmas!


We have hardly even hit Autumn and yet the shops are already full of Christmas cards, wrapping paper and gift promotions. It is irritating in many ways firstly because it reminds us that summer is definitely over but also because for most of us it really is far too early to be thinking about something that is months away. 

On the flip side anyone who wants to make at least some of their Christmas cards, gifts and decorations may well need to be thinking this early in order to ensure they get completed in time without it being a mad rush. 

With this thought in mind I thought this idea for a Christmas stocking that I came across was brilliant. It uses recycled denim to create a clever, non traditional stocking that still has a Christmas twist. I am a big fan of making products out of denim (as you can tell by the name of my website!). There is the obvious recycling angle but I also love the way the fabric handles, how it as a variety of different textures and colours and how the features on the jeans, jackets and other products it is made into can be used as part of a design for something new. Visit this blog to find out more about brilliant ideas for denim Christmas stockings http://nebraskaviews.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/denim-jeans-christmas-stockings.html 

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