Extreme crochet!

I learnt to knit when I was very young and have always enjoyed it. Something I never really got into in the same way was crochet. It is however a technique I have revisited recently partly because it seems to have had a huge resurgence in popularity. Gone is the fuddy duddy image and the technique is being used in creative and unusual ways to create a range of products on the high street.

I must admit it is still a technique I am trying to master and I really am still at the most basic level. What I have learnt so far though has got me hooked (no pun intended!) and it is good to have something new to learn and experiment with.

My new found interest in crochet has meant I have been on the look out for products using the technique. I have been particularly interested in ideas that use crochet in ways that are less traditional. In my search I came across www.knitnutbyjl.com which has some great children’s hats as well as some slightly weirder adults hats that really do take crochet to a new level! 

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