Have you seen the new look Sewing World magazine? 

There are a lot of craft, sewing and textiles magazines on the market to choose from. Over recent years the number has grown and many now promote quite a different, more modern and dynamic image as compared to traditional formats in the past. Mollie Makes is one that springs to mind in particular along with Sew Hip.

Sewing World are the latest to catch onto this trend and have relaunched with a more up to date look. It is certainly well worth a look if you haven’t looked at it before or if you haven’t seen the format.

Most of these types of magazines are expensive and this is often justified by the free patterns and other freebies you get that would cost you a lot in the shops. My only gripe about this is that you don’t always want the freebie just the magazine! I often don’t buy these types of magazines because of the cost and sometimes wonder if there were no freebie and the price were cheaper whether I would buy more.

Before I knew about the new format of Sewing World magazine I agreed to write an article for them so I was really pleased when I saw the positive changes as I feel this represents my own work better as well as the needs of people like myself who read the magazines. My article will be in the July issue and focuses on the work I do with schools and the changing textiles curriculum.


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