Knitting plastic bags!

Carrying on from the knitting theme from last week I came across two great links. Both of them are more fun than practical but I love ideas that are a bit different. You can see knitwear examples all over the high street but it is nice to see something a bit wacky and creative too. Besides weird and wacky ideas are often what leads to the development of great new products that challenge boundaries but which are still useful. 

The first link is to a set of instructions on the 'Instructables' website on knitting a plastic bag dress. This is not a new idea and is one I have done a lot when working with young people. An example is shown in the image at the top of this blog. The products in the link really do have a professional feel however and are much more than clothes made of carrier bags. They are a great way of showing it is about how you manipulate and use a material rather than about what the material itself is.

Last week I mentioned a clock and chair that knitted as time passed or as you rocked and this is a similar idea except that it undoes your knitting instead of making it up! It even uses steam to get rid of the kinks in your yarn. Whilst it is a bit of fun in these days of recycling unraveling knitted garments in order to reuse the yarn is a genuine issue so who knows maybe we will see a more usable version in the shops soon!

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