See My Article in the July Issue of Sewing World 

I have an article in the July edition of Sewing World magazine so take a look if you get the chance. It focuses on how textiles is taught in schools and how different it is to the traditional classes that many of us remember.

The article shows a very different side to textiles that many of us know. In many of our school classrooms high tech materials are the norm and students work as both designers and manufacturers being independent decision makers rather than just working from a commercial pattern and all making the same thing.

The traditional skills are all there but with a much more contemporary context. A traditional patchwork technique, for example, might be used but with a modern twist of light up LED. Putting electronics in textiles products is an area I am particularly interested in as you will have seen from previous blogs.

These sort of ideas and techniques aren’t just for schools though and it is something the home sewer can easily do themselves. If you are interested in learning how take a look at my workshops page on the website for details of courses I am doing over the next couple of months.

I am also starting to sell a small amount of electronic textiles components too. Take a look by clicking here to find out more.

The ideas mentioned in the Sewing World article may seem very futuristic but this is definitely the way the textiles industry is going. There are already a large number of products on the high street that use this new technology and, as the article says, in the future high tech materials and LEDs will be as common place in domestic textiles work as denim and beads currently are. 

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