Seeing line, colour, texture & pattern all around us


Now that I work as a part time designer maker my awareness of line, colour, texture, light, and form has really grown. This has always been there but I suppose I now have an excuse to notice and appreciate it more as it is part of my job. My interest in these areas is reflected in my own work where I am always drawn to materials and components that have one or more of these elements. In particular colour and texture are things I like to work with a lot and I like nothing better than experimenting with fabrics, yarns, trimmings and components to create vibrant, dynamic surfaces on fabric. People often want to touch my work and I take this as a compliment as it means I have created something that goes beyond a visual experience as it can only be fully experienced by touching it as well.


As well as loving to handle and use materials that have these characteristics I have noticed that my awareness of them generally has increased.  This week I ran a training course in London and caught the train and then had to walk to the venue. One of the things that really struck me while I was walking was the real beauty in the city scapes around me. Walking through St. Pancras train station I was in awe of the amazing roof for its expanse of engineering as well as the incredible lines and light it generated. Walking past the Natural History Museum I was also struck by its grandeur as well as the amazing lines and shapes and colours.


Even today as I write this blog sitting in one of the buildings in Nottingham Trent University one of the first things that struck me when I sat down was the space, with stark white lines of the walls and tables contrasted with the bright, warm tones of the chairs whose mottled textured fabrics juxtapose the smooth, shiny tables they are against. Anyone watching me when I arrived will have thought I was a little crazy as before setting up to work I took loads of photos of the space as I found it inspirational. 


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