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Over the last couple of weeks I have been busy writing articles and making products for a masterclass series that will appear in Sewing World magazine in the first 6 issues for 2013. These articles follow on from one that appeared in July 2012 that focused on the changing face of textiles in schools and how 'high tech' textiles is becoming with lots of exciting new materials and components. 

The series follows on from this introduction and continues with theme of 'high tech textiles'. Each issue a new high tech material or component will be focused on with an end product that readers can make. All item be suitable for anyone to make and materials and components might be high tech but they are all easy to get hold of. The projects will also be great for those of you that are teachers and looking for projects suitable for use with students. If this is the case you might also be interested in the teaching and learning resource that I called Modern, Smart and Electronic Textiles that gives you lots of classroom resources and ideas in this area. Click here for more information on this resource. 

I will be running a workshop at the Husqvarna Studio in Nottingham to coordinate with each of the articles. If you are interested in finding out more about the first couple of workshops click here as the information has just been uploaded to the website. You can't book online just yet but that will be coming soon and in the meantime contact me or the venue to book a place. Teachers will find these courses useful as although they will not have a teaching and learning focus you will be able to make the product as a sample for back in school as well as getting the pattern and instructions. As these courses are general ones for adults rather than formal teacher courses with the additional teaching and learning content the price of the course is also cheaper which may make them more accessible to some school budgets. 

If you are a teacher who is interested in attending a teaching and learning workshop on modern, smart and electronic textiles there is a workshop on this planned for May which will include free schemes of work for some of the Sewing World articles ready for you to use back in your classroom. Click here for more details. 


The first article in the series focuses on an insulated bag that uses a high tech insulating material similar to the silver ones you see inside shop bought bags. 

February's issue has a wash bag and make up bag made using lamifix which is an iron coating that enables you to make any fabric into one similar to an oil cloth that can be wiped clean. 

In March there will be a child's baseball cap using clever beads and thread that change colour in sunlight and April's product will be a moon and stars cushion using glow in the dark and reflective materials and components. 

The last two articles will focus on electronic textiles putting lights into a door hanger decoration and a book/kindle light. 


By the end of the series readers, whether they are teachers or someone interested in textiles as a hobby, will have a whole range of new and exciting materials and components they can use in products they make. 

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