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Arjun from Whitefriars School in Harrow was the winner of the 2019 Product in a Tin competition. Arjun was a year 10 student when he designed and made his entry.

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Arjun designed and made a travel maths game to teach young children about addition and subtraction. It was made from a combination of laser cut wood and polymer. 

What particularly stood out about Arjun’s entry was the thinking behind the design and the ‘story’ he told about his entry, both through his detailed application form and the sheet of instructions he produced on how to use the game. Arjun product had a clear focus on the user and their needs, along with how the product functioned to address these requirements. This meant the product had a clear and specific learning purpose rather than just being described as a ’toy’.

Maths game

To play the game marker on the wheel is spun to select the type of calculation to be done, and then the dice is rolled twice to choose the numbers that will be added or subtracted (with the highest number always going on the first pillar). The child does the calculation and puts the correct number of discs on the final pillar. Everything comes apart to fit neatly into the container size as specified in the original brief.

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Although a relatively simple idea to manufacture Arjun's entry involved quite a lot of handling of materials to produce 3 stands, the addition, subtraction and equals signs and the selector spinner (the dice is a prebought component). The product also required some skill in terms of manufacturing identical products, getting the right tolerance levels for the rings to fit the stands and for the stands to sit tightly into the bases but still be able to pull apart so they would fit into the original size restriction stated in the brief. 


Arjun won £50 worth of gift vouchers for himself, along with some design resources and his own dedicated portfolio page on the website.

As well as prizes for himself Arjun also won resources for his school including a class set of Crumble microcontrollers sponsored by Mindsets complete with half a day’s training for his teachers, and a Husqvarna Viking H Class 100Q sewing machine sponsored by Coles Sewing Centre and Husqvarna Viking.

Below are the prizes being presented to Arjun at his school (seen here with Ms Amdur, the department technician, who worked with Arjun on the project and Ms Sharma, Arjun’s new teacher as Arjun’s original teacher Ms Shah no longer works at the school).  

Teacher’s at Arjun’s school also received half a day’s training on the Crumble microcontrollers that were part of the main prize. 

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