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If you would like to contribute anything to the weekly newsletter just get in touch julie@julieboyd.co.uk . This could be an event taking place in your area, an interesting place to visit or maybe something you or your students have done that you would like to share with others.  The main focus of my newsletter is textiles but I am also happy to include anything linked to D&T generally or to teaching and learning. Items need to be short and preferably include photos (although I try to avoid any with identifiable students in them). I can’t guarantee things will be included but will try my best. 

Last Chance To Book Back To Basics Textiles Practical Skills Course 


This week is your last chance to book the Back to Basics one day course which focuses on developing  textiles practical skills in construction techniques such as seams, fastenings, edge finishes and shaping. Includes free teaching and learning resources for you to take away which are worth over £50 along with a free gift sponsored by Husqvarna. 

Visit http://bit.ly/Q34eQN  for more information and for a link to book and pay online.  School orders also accepted & there is 10% discount for trainee teachers  (phone (0115)9881550 to arrange the discount).

48 Hours Of Fashion


Nottingham is holding a ’48 Hours of Fashion’ event with a range of things going on around the city from Friday 12th October to showcase local and national brands and to strengthen Nottingham’s position as a major fashion centre. If you live in the area it might be worth taking a look at the following link to see if there is anything to interest you or your students http://nottinghamconfidential.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/48-hours-of-fashion-in-nottingham_2.html 

Visit http://bit.ly/Q34eQN  for more information and for a link to book and pay online.  School orders also accepted & there is 10% discount for trainee teachers  (phone (0115)9881550 to arrange the discount). 

Funky T.Shirt Designs 

Take a look at these inspirational t.shirt designs:

An electronic guitar built into a t.shirt that actually plays music! http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/c498/

This gives new meaning to the phrase ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’ - a t.shirt that beats in time to your heart - including when your heart rate increases due to exercise or when someone you like comes in the room! http://www.psfk.com/2012/10/gif-tshirt-uses-heartbeats.html

A brilliant hoodie design that reveals a hidden dinosaur when you cross your arms http://www.squidoo.com/dinosaur-t-shirts-kids  

Questioning Technique 


Do you find that you tend to ask questions to the same students all the time? Would you like to be able to know which students haven’t answered questions in your lesson? 

It is very easy to let the same students hog answering all your questions cause they like to be in the limelight. It is also easy for lazier students to take a bit of a back seat as they know if they don’t put their hand up other students do all the hard work. There are also quieter students who don’t like to volunteer answers but whose confidence could be increased by speaking in front of the class and getting answers correct. 

Using lolly sticks when asking questions can be a good way of engaging all students without having to remember who has been putting their hand up and without the free for all that a no hands up system can give.  Each student’s name is written on a lolly stick which are drawn out of a container randomly. This method allows the teacher to see who has or hasn’t answered during the lesson. Students also know that if they haven’t answered they will have to soon so it keeps them on their toes. The sticks can be bought from anywhere that sells children’s craft items and you get lots for about £1. There are plain wooden ones as well as coloured versions. 

Remember to use this questioning technique in a ‘safe’ way as many quieter students find it difficult to speak in front of a class. Lolly sticks could, for example, have 2 names on or the named person has to nominate a partner to answer with them. Giving thinking time helps students plan an answer and avoiding dismissing or laughing at answers helps students take risks when answering.  

Principal Examiner Position For GCSE Graphics 

If you or a colleague have experience examining GCSE Graphic Products you might be interested in a 

Principal Examiner position available with Edexcel. For more information visit https://home.edexcelgateway.com/pages/job_search_view.aspx?jobId=1174  or email d&t@pearson.com 

On a related point I worked as an examiner for Edexcel this year marking textiles exam papers. I have also worked in the past as an examiner and moderator for AQA. Whilst the pay isn’t great and the work commitment is considerable I would really recommend it as a brilliant professional development opportunity. You don’t always need years of experience in order to be accepted so it is something worth considering even if you are fairly newly qualified as it is a great way to develop your CV. You learn a lot about how exam papers are marked which is extremely useful when planning lessons. 

Behaviour Management Tips 

Download a checklist to help you focus on getting behaviour management right http://bit.ly/VPXqdK 

Great set of videos from the ‘Teaching with Bailey’ series from Teachers TV focusing on different aspects of behaviour management. They are all about 15 minutes long and are great for watching on your own or for use as part of a peer or group reflection task in a department. http://www.behaviour2learn.co.uk/info/50/videos/7/john_bayley_on_behaviour   

Free Photo Download

DSC01750 _Snapseed

This week’s image is of a dart and is an example of one of the techniques that will be learnt in the ‘Back to Basics’ course on Saturday 13th October.  

Click on the image to download it.  

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