An exhibition to visit & how to make health & safety interesting! 

Last Chance To Book The Open Day Event On Saturday 22nd September 


There are just one or two of places left on the 10.30 morning session for the Textiles Open Day Event in Nottingham on Saturday 22nd September. There are quite a few left for the 12.30 session if you need a lie in! The cost is £20 and there will be lots of freebies to take away & stuff you can use in your classroom straight away. 

The Open Day will be a chance to network with others and to see ideas and examples related to both textiles and teaching and learning. As well as a presentation and small display there will be an hour’s practical hands on workshop producing a simple electronic circuit.  If you attended the Open Day last year most of the content will be different so it is worth another visit (some of the items in the display will be the same). 

For  more info:

You can now book and pay for the session online by visiting  and selecting the time slot you want to attend (school orders also accepted).  

Exhibition To Visit

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Over the summer I visited the National Centre for Craft and Design in Lincoln to see the 'Transformers - How enabling design has transformed disability' exhibition. The exhibition isn’t very big but is worth a visit especially if your students are considering disability issues as a focus for design or have been fired up by the Paralympics. You will have to be quick though as it finishes at the end of September.

There are some unsettling exhibits but there are also many examples of D&T at its best, where it is helping meet the real needs of real people. Included in the exhibition is one of the ‘blade runner’ carbon fibre prosthetic legs made famous by Oscar Pistorius. 

There are also a couple of other exhibitions on and there is a coffee shop and craft shop.

For more information visit 

Make Teaching Health & Safety A Bit More Interesting!


For D&T teachers the beginning of a new academic year usually means new classes and lots of talk about health and safety. 

These newspaper articles help put health and safety into a real context rather than them just being a set of rules. - a good one for textiles teachers showing why you shouldn’t put pins in your mouth. - this has an RM focus but is good for any area of D&T where students don’t understand why they have to take their scarves off.

Useful Link I Have Come Across This Week The Future Morph website is an excellent STEM resource for all areas of D&T and in particular has lots of information relevant to careers. They have just added a new textiles section which is well worth a look as it has a range of useful resources to download for free. 

Behaviour Management Strategies That Work With Adults Too!

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In last week’s issue I mentioned the ‘secret student’ which is a behaviour management strategy. If you are interested in behaviour management generally as well as how dealing with adults is pretty much the same as dealing with young people visit the blog on my coaching and generic education website

Free Photo Download

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This week’s image is of a ‘blade runner’ carbon fibre prosthetic legs similar to the ones made famous by Oscar Pistorius. With the Olympics and Paralympics still in everyone’s minds this is a good way of looking at how D&T changes lives and meets the needs of real people. For textiles teachers it is a great way of showing how high tech textiles is and how textiles materials can compete with the strongest traditional materials. If you want to find out more about carbon fibre look at last week’s newsletter (if you no longer have it most of the newsletter is on the blog on my website

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