Clever underwear & Design Museum exhibition & new D&TA website 

Courses Coming Up In November 

Coming up in November are a couple of courses that may be of interest to teachers, technicians and trainees. 


Following on from the Back to Basics course a couple of weeks ago topping up skills on construction techniques there will be a follow up course on Saturday November 10th on decorative techniques. You don’t need to have attended the previous course to attend this one but anyone who did gets a discounted booking rate. The course is for anyone who wants to develop their skills and confidence of decorative techniques such as appliqué, patchwork, quilting, quick and easy printing, along with learning about innovative ways of decorating fabrics. Don’t worry about your level of knowledge as the course aims focuses on the basics as well as helping you develop more complex skills.

Another course coming up in November is ‘How to achieve outstanding results in D&T’ (Tuesday 20th). This is not specific to textiles and is suitable for any teacher of D&T in any materials area and focuses on teaching and learning strategies that engage C/D borderline students as well as high flyers, thinking skills, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and Speed Designing (a strategy to increase pace and creativity). It supports the development of schemes of work, the production of controlled assessment as well as exam preparation techniques. 

Both courses are held in Nottingham and include teaching and learning resources worth over £50 as well as a free gift from the Husqvarna venue. Students get 10% discount when attending both courses. 

For more information and to book online visit 

Clever Underwear!

I am not sure if some of the content of this week’s newsletter will get past some of your school online security systems as the theme I am starting of with is underwear! This is not just ordinary underwear though but ‘smart’ underwear that is cleverly designed or which can make a real difference to our health. Have a look at the following links: - a bra that helps detect Cancer A ‘joey’ bra that allows you to carry your valuables without the need for a bag - all about the history of the bra - How to make a bra - A ‘smart’ vest that monitors health - ‘electric’ pants that use electrical stimulus to help prevent bedsores - an ethical and sustainable underwear label that raises money for charity and says ‘pants to poverty’ - socks made with kevlar so you never get holes!

Designed To Win - Design Museum Exhibition

Design museum

This exhibition at the Design Museum will be of interest to D&T teachers across all specialist areas. The focus is on sport and the pushing of our bodies in order to achieve records, victory and a place in history. It is set against the backdrop of the ‘summer of sport’ but includes a wide range of sports from F1 cars to running shoes. It looks at key moments in sport development with themes of safety, performance, fashion, new materials and technology as well as the idea that design influences sport but that sport also 

influences design, art and culture. There are film clips & photography along with interactive displays, equipments and timelines. 

The exhibition has been on all summer and ends in a few weeks on 18th November. For more information visit

A Career In Costume Design

Last week I mentioned careers linked to engineering and this week a new exhibition has opened at the V&A in London focusing on another career for those interested in costume design. Click here to take a look at the blog I write as a textile designer maker for more information on the exhibition and to visit the link to a short video on being a costume designer. LINK NEEDED

Have You Seen The New Websites From The D&T Association?

D&T association

As well as the original D&T Association website ( there are now new sites dedicated specifically to primary and secondary D&T and Anyone can access the sites but members can access a wider range of resources so it is worth considering becoming a member (there are reduced rates for those of you who are trainees). In particular members of the association can download and print articles from the magazines the association produces.  The new site is still being added and will grow over time but these new sites and the old one are definitely worth a look if you are looking for information, professional development opportunities or resources for D&T. 

Useful Link 


Take a look at the ‘Producks’ website that features the work of Yoav Avinoam and Gil Sheffi. There are a range of product designs that will be of interest to all D&T teachers but textiles teachers in particular might be interested in looking at the unusual 3D fabrics they develop (click on 'Poli' and ‘Olive’ on the website).

Free Photo Download


This week’s image is of patchwork which is one of the techniques covered on the Back to Basics course on Saturday 10th November. Click on the image to download it.  

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