Controlled Assessment - here we go again!

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As one round of Controlled Assessments ends with the year 11 deadlines I know many of you are already thinking about your year 10 making a start on their own projects. Indeed I know that many of you may well have already got things under way as starting earlier means you can finish earlier leaving things feeling less pressurised with marking and moderating.

If you are looking for support for Controlled Assessment including teaching tips, strategies and resources you might be interested in the course I am running on 19th May in Nottingham. Although this is a textiles course much of the information is generic and will be relevant to other areas of D&T. If students are wanting to use electronics, smart or technical materials in their controlled assessment products you might also be interested in the course on 4th July where these areas will be covered. Both courses include over £50 worth of free teaching and learning resources and £25 worth of sewing machine needles. For more information on both course visit

Continuing on theme of Controlled Assessment this website has a useful section that allows students to create online moodboards as well as a tool for designing rooms in 3D . If you are running out of steam in the lead up to the exam this moodboard tool might also be a useful classroom activity if you have access to ICT or for use as a homework if not. 

If you are finding it hard going looking for things to keep year 11 focused don’t forget there are a range of free TechDoodle resources on my website. These break down exam questions into small chunks with some fun bits thrown in and they make good starters and plenaries but can also be used for longer activities and group work. The great thing is that they have the answers in small print on the side of the sheet so they don’t generate marking for the teacher. Visit to download them.

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