Countdown to Christmas, competition, & getting ready for Ofsted

Another shorter blog this week because of my house move. I am not sure how soon we will have internet access next week or if I will even be able to find my computer amongst all the boxes so apologies in advance if there is no blog.

Countdown To Christmas!

The beginning of December means everyone is starting to open their advent calendars and count down to the holiday so why not use this as a teaching and learning technique? 

Make advent calendars by print out images related to your specialist area (enough to last until you break up). Cover up the images and do a big reveal each day. You could do a calendar for each group or simply do one version and get the first group of the day to open it. Give prizes to students who know what the image is or who can answer questions about it. 

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Get your students to decorate your classroom with decorations they have made. These are decorations with a difference though! Make paper chains from coloured paper with keywords or exam questions and answers written on them and string them around the room. Decorate a Christmas tree with keywords and images written or stuck onto baubles or get students to make coloured baubles with their own keywords written on. All of these ideas make great starters and plenaries and help get students in the festive mood whilst still focusing on learning. 

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If you want students to do some practical work get them to make Christmas cards using materials and techniques from your materials area - no glue or paper allowed (well unless you are a Graphics teacher!)

Useful Link

Take a look at this TES video with a tip from a science teacher on how to revise keywords - it is very easy to adapt for D&T and makes revision more active which is great if you have students doing mock exams before or after Christmas

Fashion Design Competition

ICHF and the Inkberrow Design Centre are running a competition based on icons from the 1950s. Winning students will get to take part in the catwalk show at the Fashion Embroidery and Stitch Catwalk Show in March. The prizes are great with the winners school getting a sewing machine and the winning student getting a one week work placement at the IDC Academy for Fashion and Textiles. The leaflet (see below) is very girly but there are lots of male Hollywood fashion icons from that time such as James Dean, Marlon Brandon and Paul Newman so why not encourage your boys to consider entering? I know many of them were really keen on the t.v. show opportunity that came up recently and this is another opportunity for them to prove textiles isn’t just for girls! Click here to download more information.

Getting Ready For Ofsted

A useful at a glance checklist for what makes a lesson outstanding - great for classroom teachers 

Something more suited to leaders and what they need to do to prepare for Ofsted 

Advice for NQTs on surviving Ofsted (with tips that will be useful for everyone!)

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This week's image shows round nosed pliers being used to twist the leg on an LED 

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