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Apologies in advance as my blogs may not be as detailed over the next few weeks as usual as we are moving house and it is proving hard to keep up with everything that needs doing! Moving 2 weeks before Christmas doesn’t help matters and it isn’t helping with the growing chaos. Although the blog may be shorter hopefully there are still one or two useful ideas for you to use. 

‘See In The Dark’ Slipper Workshop - Last Few Days To Book

If you are looking for project ideas the workshop on Saturday 24th November making slippers that have electronic modules in them may be of interest to you. At £30 this is great value for money. The course itself is not aimed at teachers so there will be no teaching and learning content but the scheme of work and supporting lesson resources can be bought separately. For more information visit

The Circular Economy

Last week I referred to some of theresources produced by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and in association with the D&T Association on biomimicry. This is all part of a set of resources designed to support teachers teaching about the circular economy. 

As well as the biomimicry module there are a range of other free resources to download. These cover textiles, graphics and RM as well as having some generic resources suitable for all teachers.

Take a look at the short video clips at this link as they give a really good introduction to the concept  . The ‘Rethinking Progress’ video is just under 4 minutes long as is a very accessible video for most groups at KS3,4 and 5. Also have a look at the schemes of work, PowerPoints and worksheets for the different modules of work at 

All of the resources were written,  reviewed and tested by D&T teachers. This include activities 5 (on biomimicry and relevant to textiles as well as other areas of D&T) and 6 (more relevant to textiles only) which were reviewed and tested by Sioux Gardner, Joni Levins, Nicky Lauder and Sally Beeston. These teachers responded to my requests via the newsletter for teachers to work with me to review the resources back in the Spring.  Activities 1-4 cover other subject specialisms in D&T. 

The resources can be used as they are but most are best used as a starting point and adapted for the group and time period you have. There are quite a lot of resources to look at so this might be a good one to ear mark for looking at in more detail over the Christmas break. 

Useful Link

Fed up with teaching blended fabrics and always using poly cotton examples? Look at this website with children’s clothes that have are made of cotton blended with silver to give soft healing properties to clothes for skin conditions such as eczema

Knitting With Plastic Bags

Take a look at the blog I write as a designer maker featuring knitting with plastic bags. Using plastic bags is a project I have done with a lot of classes especially as an induction project or as a fun filler at the end of a module and it always goes down well. The products made in this article take the idea to a new level however as the quality of the products compete with those made using traditional materials.  Take a look at

Free Photo Download


This week's image is of a glove with conductive fabric on the finger tips to enable the wearer to work a smart phone. 

Click on the image to download it.  

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