Holiday homework, careers in design & wearable electronics

Another shorter newsletter this week because of my house move. I am not sure how soon we will have internet access next week or if I will even be able to find my computer amongst all the boxes so apologies in advance if there is no newsletter. I certainly don’t recommend moving so close to Christmas (and I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet!). 

Holiday Homework

Are you planning on setting homework for your students over the holiday but don’t want to be seen as Scrooge spoiling the fun (or come back to loads of marking!)? Set something that is fun to do and which will get students thinking about the value of your subject by asking them to focus on the things they come across during the holiday related to your D&T subject area or to D&T generally.  This would help students reflect on the value of D&T and how the everyday products they come across make a big difference to our lives. This week’s photo download is a good example for textiles as the Christmas holidays are a popular time for skiing holidays but how many students think about the specialist footwear they are wearing?

You could keep the brief wide or be more specific, for example focusing on environmental and sustainability issues, particular materials, types of users, or perhaps a treasure hunt type activity where students have to find evidence of specific things on a list you give them. 

A good way of recording this task might be for students to do a photo diary as this would be fun to do, would require no marking and would make a great starter activity for a lesson after the holiday. It would also give you an instant display of products related to D&T in the real world. 

Careers In Design

If any students are considering careers in design the holiday might be a good time for them to do some research into this area. The Design Council website is a good starting point and has lots of information on careers in all aspects of design. This includes general information , video clips on specific careers and case studies on designers 

Focus On Wearable Electronics

Short video clip from the founders of Cute Circuit on how they got started in the world of wearable electronics.

Continuing on the wearable electronics theme here a designer talks about the production of a LED jacket that responds to music

Is the idea of wearable electronics all that new though? These heated gloves seem like high tech to us but as this US patent shows the idea was around as early as 1911 

Free Photo Download


This week's image is of ski boots - a technical textiles product that some students and teachers might be making use of over the Christmas holiday!


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