More end of term activity ideas

More End Of Term Activities - Friendship Quilts

Last week I mentioned a film you could watch and how you could still have some end of term fun whilst maintaining a learning atmosphere. 

This week I have another idea for an end of term activity but one which has a more practical and hands on focus - something that is particularly good as students get increasingly restless with the holiday drawing closer. This activity is a great way of learning practical skills whilst also creating fond memories if a group is moving on whether it be into a new year, with a new teacher or at the end of a stage in their schooling such as at the end of year 11.


A friendship or memory quilt is something that represents a group who have something in common. Each person produces a square (or other shape) and they are all sewn together to make a quilt. 


One of the first quilts I produced is shown on the left, along with a close up on the right, and it was done back in the 90s! I took photos of every KS3 group I taught during the year and each student produced a square with their name. The images and decorated squares were made into a quilt at the end of the year. This activity was a great filler as students completed their project and it was a great way of creating team spirit.


This second quilt was one of a series of quilts that was produced because at the time the school I was in had very short modules where it was hard to complete a whole project. There was also the added problem that we had virtually next to no resources. Each student produced a square using recycled materials and each quilt had a theme. The quilts were displayed as part of a whole school display at the end of the year and as the year progressed each group became quite excited about seeing how they were contributing to the event. One of these quilts can be seen in the photo in the blog header.

Projects don’t have to be as big as a quilt and I have gone on to develop this idea in other, more manageable ways over the years which I will mention next week. This still remains one of my favourite projects. I even had a student contact me recently who was in one of the photos on the quilts and it was a real trip down memory lane for both of us to see the image from over 15 years ago. She is all grown up now and I felt very old but it was great to look back on how things were. 

Find out more about friendship and memory quilts by visiting the following links: 

Great website I found this week   - This website sells chalk cloth which is just what it is sounds like - a soft cloth pliable fabric, similar to oilcloth, with a matte black finish you can write on with chalk and wipe clean over and over again. I haven’t used it yet but it sounds like it has endless creative possibilities.  

Book Early For The Open Day In September

I know it is early to be starting to think about courses for next year but it is always a good idea to try and book early if you can to secure your place. In particular you might want to consider putting 22nd September into your diary as I will be holding an Open Day for Textiles Teachers at the Husqvarna Studio venue that I use in Nottingham. This is in response to some of you requesting cheap and accessible network events as this type of thing has been lost over the years. 

I ran a similar event the same time last year and it was a very popular. The aim is that this will be the first of a series of similar events taking place around once a term. The open day will consists of displays with tips and ideas on textiles and teaching and learning across KS3, 4 & 5. There will also be a short presentation as well as a practical workshop where you will make resources relevant to your classroom. There will also be the chance to chat, ask questions and to network with others.

The cost of the workshop is £20 and this includes the resources you will use during the session plus a goody bag to take away at the end. The session is for 2 hours either from 10.30 - 12.30 or 12.30 − 2.30. Please note you will need to book your place beforehand.  Email me to book a place and for more information visit

The session is on a Saturday and Nottingham is a great vibrant city with historical places to visit and a great shopping centre just round the corner from the venue so why not make a day of it. 

This week’s free photo download


This week’s photo is of a testing machine which tests for pilling. Fabrics are wound round cones which are placed in the boxes. These then turn causing the cones to tumble against each other simulating fabrics rubbing against each other during wear.  

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