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I hope you have all had a restful break and a good start to the new term.

It has been some time since my last blog so apologies for this. I have been updating and relaunching my websites and this has taken me more time than expected. There are still a few bits and pieces left to do but the new sites are up and running now so hopefully things will return to normal. My website addresses are the same but if you have saved RSS feeds or other links you may need to resave them from the new sites. 

Using Music And Sound To Support T&L And Behaviour Management

In the Olympic opening ceremony the music used as the athletes entered the stadium was carefully chosen to ensure it encouraged athlete’s to keep up a fast pace. You can use music in your lessons to allow you to direct teaching and learning and behaviour in a non verbal way. 

Here are a few tips and ideas:

DSC02817 _Snapseed

● Use bells, buzzers and other sounds to link to learning. Staples, the office superstore, sell a push button sound module that says ‘that was easy’ which is great for use as a quiz buzzer or just for random celebrations of success.

● Use music as a conditioning tool by choosing certain types of music to indicate particular tasks or topics or behaviour expectations. This can work as a great revision tool where students just have to hear a song to link back to the learning in a particular lesson.

● Use music that has a pace that you would like students to work at. This could be a piece of music that has one pace, one that gradually grows in pace or one that has a pace that varies. 

● Use music in fun way e.g. pack away to the Birdy song or something more dramatic like Mission Impossible

Useful Links For The Beginning Of Term

The beginning of term is usually a time when a lot of courses are being introduced. This Ikea advert is a fun look at what our world would be like without textiles and it would be  great thought provoking addition to any course introduction. 

This 5 minute video is also useful when introducing courses. Wayne Hemmingway talks about how he became a designer and gives tips on how to be successful in the design industry

If you are looking to inspire boys in your textiles group take a look at showcasing the work of Jamie Chalmers who is a man working in a traditionally female area producing contemporary embroidery designs that will appeal to boys including tattoo and graffiti inspired designs. On the site there is also information on how embroidery is used in medical surgery which is a great boy (and girl) friendly link to show students the high tech uses of embroidery

Have You Booked Your Place On The Open Day Event In September?


Are you looking for a chance to network with others? Don’t want to do a full day’s training but want to get ideas? Want a hands on workshop that is cheap to attend? Come to the Open Day for Textiles Teachers at the Husqvarna Studio on Saturday 22nd September (10.30 - 12.30 or 12.30 − 2.30). Make a day of it in the historic city of Nottingham with the town centre just round the corner from the venue. See displays with tips and ideas on textiles and teaching and learning across KS3, 4 & 5. There will also be a short presentation as well as a practical workshop where you will make resources relevant to your classroom.  £20 (includes a free goody bag). Email to book a place:

For  more info click here

Do You Want To Top Up Your Textiles Practical Skills?

IMG_7969 _Snapseed

I have had a lot of requests from teachers and trainee teachers about courses that will help them top up their textiles practical skills. Because of this I am putting on several technique based courses aimed at increasing confidence and knowledge in both construction and decorative techniques, using patterns and manufacturing products generally. Courses range from one day events to a series workshops over a number of Saturdays through to a week long course over Easter 2013. All courses will the chance to produce technique boards and other resources that will immediately support teaching and learning back in the classroom. For more information click here 

Free Photo Download

This week’s image is of an industrial lockstitch machine. This may be useful for students who are using a sewing machine for the first time to show them what an industrial machine looks like. Click on the image to download it. 

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