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With just over a week until my impending house move this is another shorter than usual blog. Fingers crossed it all goes well as the sale has already fallen through twice this year so we are hoping for third time lucky. 

Want To Top Up Your Practical Skills?

Looking for courses to help you top up your practical skills? I know this is a key area for both trainees and qualified teachers and I get a lot of requests for courses of this type. If you are fairly local to Nottingham you might be interested in a course being run at Nottingham Trent University over 5 Saturdays from mid January onwards. It focuses on the basics of how to sew including construction and decorative techniques, adapting commercial patterns and producing simple patterns for bags and home accessories. As the course is 5 days long you really will come away feeling much more confident. Although not specifically designed for teachers it will help you develop your skills and project ideas for back in the classroom and T&L tips for the classroom will be added specifically for any teachers that attend (if you are looking for something similar but even more teacher focused take a look at the one at the same venue in March). For more information on both courses visit 

If you are looking for something skills based but shorter take a look at the Cool Britannia and Washtime Fun workshops taking place in January and February. At £30 these are good value for money and although not designed specifically for teachers they feature projects that use high tech materials and would make a good project ideas for schemes of work. Both of these projects will also feature in the January and February edition of Sewing World. For more information on these courses visit 

Useful Links

Future Morph have a great interactive and fun game to help young people decide what STEM career might be right for them 

Continuing the biomimicry and Circular Economy themes from the last couple of weeks take a look at this video on 3D printing inspired by animal designs. Some of the language and content is at quite a high level so it may be more suitable for older students but it has some inspirational footage. In particular for those of you who are textiles based take a look from about 7 minutes into the video as there are examples of 3D printed clothes and outfits based on superheros

Take a look at this great downloadable poster on how to fold and dye fabric to create different tie and dye effects. The poster has simple and easy to follow diagrams and instructions and there is also a link to photos of finished patterns.

New generation fleece fabric from Fruits of the Loom designed to have minimum pilling 

A totally crazy idea or worth thinking about? A car covered in padding to reduce injury in an accident 

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