We love wool!

This week I have collected together some articles and clips on wool. 

These 3 videos are each a couple of minutes long and they look at the processing of wool from the sheep to the use of the fabric in a tailored suit.  The first video focuses on merino wool and its unique properties that make it so good for use in a suit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh5IJXutjSs&feature=youtu.be .   The second video focuses on the manufacture of the yarn and the fabric http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZAUWyrpS_0&feature=relmfu. The third video focuses on the tailoring of the suit in Japan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igiQgIxdUNs&feature=relmfu.

http://woolblog.com/ has some really great articles on wool along with some fun animated video clips. Information includes explanations about why wool is sustainable and new developments in wool such as the use of gold and nanotechnology to colour the fibre. There is also information on new developments in wool and its high tech uses in this article on the Icebreaker merino wool layering system for performance garments http://bit.ly/Kb56Qz 

If you are on Facebook the ‘We Love Wool’ business site is really worth a visit http://www.facebook.com/WeLoveWool. It has lots of updates on a variety of interesting wool based products and really shows wool in a new light. The website of designer Melanie Porter is also worth a visit to see the unusual way she uses hand knitted merino wool fabrics to re-upholster furniture http://melanieporter.co.uk/ Melanie’s work is really different and could encourage students to see wool and knitting in a completely different way and this inspiration could lead to some interesting design exercises where students design more than a woolly jumper!

On a completely different note if you are a food teacher (or know anyone that is) you might be interested in getting in touch with a freelance journalist who is writing an article for the TES on the decrease of food education in schools. She wants to speak to teachers to get their views on this for her article. She can be contacted by email at daisywyatt@aol.com

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