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There have been several new courses added to the calendar this week based on teacher requests. These include an e-textiles course on 8th October, as well as 3 textiles skills practical courses, two of which are in the summer holiday, with the other being in September. Contact if you are interested in any other courses being added to the calendar. 

There is also great news this week about a fabulous free resource that anyone attending The Textiles Teacher Event on 3rd October will receive. Worth £36 it is just one of the freebies that will be available on the day. To find out more about the resource click here or scroll down to the textiles section below. 

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Free Resources
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Regular #ThinkDo activities are posted on Instagram. Use for homework, revision & keeping students thinking about D&T every day. 

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#ThinkDo #Product Chair & towel rail combined & marketed as a space saving product in Ikea. What products would you combine to create a new product?

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Focus on D&T:  For all D&T teachers

Creative Industries Report

A government report released this week by the Department of Culture, Media & Sport says that employment within the creative sector within the UK is increasing at more than twice the rate of the rest of the economy. It also says that 1.8 million people are working in this area which is a 15% rise since 2011. A wide range of creative industries are mentioned with ‘design' (which the report identifies as referring to ‘product, graphic and fashion’) leading the other creative industries with a 28.4% increase since 2011.


Visit for the full Creative Industries report. 

With the Creative Industries report in mind it is a little ironic that the introduction of the Ebacc and Progress 8 is having such a a big impact on D&T and other creative subjects. There is currently a growing movement that is challenging the Ebacc and this is not just from within the D&T community. You can see a bit more background to this on the D&T Association website at There is also a ‘Bacc to the Future Campaign’ on behalf of non Ebacc subjects, along with a petition focusing on saving creativity in schools. The petition can be found at and it literally takes under 30 seconds to fill in. 

The Draft D&T GCSE Consulation

The draft for the new D&T GCSE was released on 1st July. Everything is still at the consultation stage and everyone has their chance to comment on the proposals. The consultation is open until 26th August and, whatever your opinion, it is important that as many D&T teachers have their say. 

You can find the consolation document along with information on how to respond to it at  

You can also read comments on the draft document by the D&T Association including a quick summary of key points at

Course Updates: For All D&T Teachers

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New KS3 Curriculum: Maximising Progression in D&T 

17th July, Nottingham NEW DATE & VENUE

A Beginners Guide to Electronics
Mon 7 Dec Liverpool & Wed 16 Dec Nottingham

An Introduction to 3D Software & 3D Printing for Beginners 
Fri 9th Oct London & Wed 14 Oct Liverpool 

Why not build attending a course into your Performance Review? Why not request a course in school as part of your department’s ‘gained time’? We offer a wide range of courses on all areas of D&T, teaching & learning, coaching, leadership, & behaviour management. Additional courses can be added to the course calendar at your request at no additional cost. Email for details. 

Focus on T&L & Leadership

Tips for NQTs 

SecEd have a great series of articles with tips for NQTs. These are useful for anyone who has just qualified as well as any NQT mentors that are supporting NQTS. - The rights and entitlements all NQTs should be receiving - The habits of a great teacher - Survive and thrive as a new teacher - 6 steps to effective professional development (aimed at NQTs coming to the end of their first year)

Focus on Textiles: Back to  my roots!

Men’s Fashion

There’s been a lot of discussion during the hot weather about whether men get a fair deal compared to women in the workplace with regards to what they are allowed to wear on a hot day. This has also led to a lot of discussion about what makes professional business wear for both men and women. 

This is a great starting point for product analysis and designing, whether as a full class activity, a homework, or a starter. It enables students to consider a real design problem that impacts on real users. It also encourages them to consider fabric properties and design styles within a real context, as well as getting them to think about what is appropriate clothing in the workplace. 

For some starting point ideas on discussion points and questions take a look at

This discussion could also lead into some research and designing around the changing face of men’s fashion. NEXT, for example, currently have a range of business style suits that have shorts rather than trousers. They also have a range of suits in non traditional colours including aqua green and pink.  


Continuing the theme of men’s suits, take a look at this promotional video for Paul Smith’s ‘A Suit to Travel in’ The video shows gymnasts performing wearing the suit in order to demonstrate its qualities. The suit is designed to be flexible and breathable and to withstand the challenges of travelling whilst still looking good when you arrive. 

Fab Freebie for Anyone Attending The Textiles Teacher Event

If you have seen my Facebook page this week you will have seen the announcement about the free resource that anyone who attends The Textiles Teacher Event will receive (including anyone who has already booked). This is a superb set of 11 high tech textiles posters worth £36. The posters are A2 size and focus on a wide range of technical textiles applications. They are glossy, brightly coloured and eye catching with some fantastic high tech textiles examples that will really help change the perception of what textiles is in your school. They will make a fabulous display for the new academic year! 

L IMG 8784
Emtex Logo

Many thanks to Emtex who are sponsoring the resources. This resource is no longer published so it is not available to buy. 

Other freebies & competition prizes that will be given away on the day will be announced soon. This is always a popular event each year and a third of the tickets have already sold so book soon to avoid disappointment. 

Find out more about The Textiles Teacher Event at

3 Weeks to the Closing Date of my Competition! 

Have you sent your student entries in yet? The closing date is 24th July. Find out more at

Course Updates: For All D&T Textiles Teachers

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L e-textiles

An Introduction to E-textiles for Beginners
13th July, Nottingham JUST OVER A WEEK LEFT TO BOOK
8th October, London NEW DATE & VENUE

A Level Product Design Textiles: Developing Key Knowledge and Skills for Units 1 & 3   16th July, Nottingham & 16th October, Nottingham NEW DATES

Introduction to A Level Product Design Textiles 
12th Oct, Nottingham

Back to Basics: Developing Your Textiles Practical Skills (intermediate level)  19th August, Nottingham SUMMER HOLIDAY COURSE
22nd September, Nottingham NEW DATE

L 5G2A9406

Textiles Practical Skills: Higher Level Skills to Maximise Progression at KS4 & 5 (Advanced course) 20th August, Nottingham SUMMER HOLIDAY COURSE

The Textiles Teacher Event 
Sat 3 October, Nottingham 

Raising the Profile of Textiles in Your School
Wed 9 Dec, Nottingham

Why not build attending a course into your Performance Review?Why not request a course in school as part of your department’s ‘gained time’?
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