D&T places to visit over Easter & revision planning

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A big thank you to anyone who visited my stand at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show at the NEC last week. This is the third year I have been at the show and it was the busiest yet, with loads of D&T teachers popping along for a chat, and to take part in the mini e-textiles workshops. Apologies to anyone who couldn’t get a place on the workshops or who didn’t get the chance to chat for longer because it was busy. For those of you that didn’t get a chance to find out more about the new e-textiles project ideas that were launched at the show they will be included as part of the Basic Introduction to E-textiles for Beginners course on 24th April. 

Click here to see more about this year’s show

This is the last blog until after the Easter break and I hope everyone manages to get a little bit of time out in between the marking and moderating!

Focus on D&T:  For all D&T teachers

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D&T Related Places to Visit Over Easter

Schools break up at different times over the next week or so but the Easter holidays are just around the corner for everyone. This time of year is often taken up with marking, moderating, and getting revision resources ready but if you have time for a day out why not try the following D&T related visits:

Make Yourself Comfortable at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire - exhibition of contemporary seating including work by Thomas Heatherwick and Moritz Waldemeyer (28th March - 23rd October)

Wimbledon Tennis Museum - The museum showcases all things tennis including equipment, clothing, memorabilia, trophies, film footage and interactive displays

The Good Food Show (10th - 12th April), Harrogate 

Savage Beauty  - exhibition at the V&A celebrating the work of Alexander McQueen (until 2nd August)

Fashion on the Ration at The Imperial War Museum - how fashion survived and even flourished under the strict rules of rationing of the 1940s (until 31st August)

Click here for more ideas on places to visit over the Easter holiday 

(Check all dates and venues before travelling)

GCSE D&T Option Survey


Following on from increasing concerns from schools about the drop in numbers opting for GCSE, and the impact of Progress 8 and the Ebacc, the D&T Association carried out a short survey to get an overview of the problem. The results have been shared with the DfE who have been urged to show greater commitment to supporting D&T in schools. You can see more about this survey and the results at http://goo.gl/sz5CZR

Course Updates: For All D&T Teachers

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New KS3 Curriculum: Maximising Progression in D&T (Wed 13 May, York & Fri 3 July, London)

Focus on T&L & Leadership:  For all D&T teachers (& other subjects too!)

Scratch Card Revision

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In the past I have mentioned a link I found on Pinterest some years ago that shows you how to make your own scratch cards using acrylic paint and washing up liquid. I have used this idea successfully in a number of different teaching and learning situations both with adults and students. It is something a bit different and it’s a great idea to support revision, or just for everyday use. If you don’t have time to make your own scratch cards try getting students to make them for their peers.

http://bit.ly/1buivXl - video that shows you how to make your own scratch cards using acrylic paint and washing up liquid. My only comment would be that I have found black paint better to use than silver as silver often needs a second coat as the print underneath can still be seen. 

http://www.scratchlabels.co.uk - this is a company who sell scratch card stickers so that you don’t have to make your own. You are more restricted on sizes and it is more expensive but this is a much quicker way of using the scratch card idea. 100 labels start off at around £5 including postage. It is probably too expensive to use the bought stickers on a regular basis but this could be a way of adding a bit of fun every now and again.

Focus on Textiles: Back to  my roots!

Revision Planning


If you are looking for a short practical project you can link to revision why not use my 2015 competition as the focus? Any resources you produce could also be used with other year groups as the competition is open until the end of the summer term. The school the winning student attends gets an embellisher worth £249 and the student receives an additional prize. There are also runner up and teacher prizes. Click here for more information. 

If you are planning revision resources over the holiday take a look at these links and ideas:

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Fashion Face Off and Style Wards are Top Trumps cards that might be useful for revision activities (the first is focused on female fashion and the second on males). Thanks to Sarah Robson-Smith for letting me know about these cards. Sarah found them in Waterstones and they are also available on Amazon. 

http://goo.gl/btMieS -   miCoach sensor football by Adidas. Although this isn’t a garment it fits the AQA pre-release paper theme of science and technology and could be good to use for inspiration 

http://kck.st/1BCjmO2 - Kickstarter project for a smart phone controlled LED dog vest. AQA never said the garment for the pre-release them had to be human! 

http://www.bionicyarn.com - high performance yarn that uses waste plastic retrieved from the seas. The project aims to reduce the amount of pollution whilst creating high tech, high performance fibres. 

http://bit.ly/1Cbj8Ok - ethically produced banana fibre fabrics

www.textileshotline.co.uk - take a look at the ‘Revision’ and ‘Let’s Learn’ sections of my website for textiles students. There are lots of free resources for both students and teachers to use, including resources linked to the science and technology theme for the AQA pre-release paper.

www.pinterest.com/textileshotline - I have a wide range of Pinterest boards that might support revision including some relevant to the AQA pre-release paper

http://goo.gl/gD8D3P - a link to the teaching and learning resources I sell, which include one GCSE revision, as well as one on modern, smart and electronic textiles.

Course Updates: For All D&T Textiles Teachers

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GCSE Textiles Revision: Preparing for the Written Exam (Tues 26 May, Nottingham)

Maximising Progression & Developing Exam Technique in A Level Product Design Textiles (Tues 21 April, London)

Basic Introduction to E-textiles for Beginners (Fri 24 April, Nottingham)

Back to Basics: Developing Your Textiles Practical Skills (Thurs 7 May, Nottingham)

KS3 Textiles: Planning an Outstanding & Engaging Curriculum (Mon 18 May, Nottingham)

Basic & More Advanced E-Textiles (Including Basic Programming) (Sat 6 June, Nottingham)

A Level Product Design Textiles: Developing Key Knowledge and Skills for Units 1 & 3 (Tues 9 June, York)

STEM in Textiles: Using Maths to Inspire & Develop Your Textiles Curriculum (Mon 29 June, Nottingham)

Introduction to A level Textiles (Thurs 2 July, London)

Advanced Programmable E-textiles: Meeting the Electronics Requirements of the KS3 Curriculum (Mon 6 July, Nottingham)

Back to Basics - An Introduction to Textiles Practical Skills for Beginners (Wed 8th July, Nottingham)

The Textiles Teacher Event (Sat 3 October, Nottingham)

Free Photo Download

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What functions might e-textiles add to a textiles product? How does this add value to the product for the consumer?

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