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I have been busy this week planning the venues and dates for new courses for the rest of the academic year. Most of my courses continue to be held in Nottingham as I am fortunate to have a great venue that I use. As I live in Nottingham it is also cost effective for me to run courses at this venue with small numbers, whereas the increased costs in other areas of the country often means I need a minimum number of delegates for a course to go ahead. There are,  however, a limited number of courses planned in London, Birmingham, and York. To see the full course calendar click here or see the individual courses listed in the sections below.  Don’t forget I am always happy to consider adding additional dates and courses to the calendar on request so email julie@julieboyd.co.uk if you would like your request to be considered. 

Focus on D&T:  For all D&T teachers

Great Website For T&L Resources For D&T

Those of you who are members of some of the Facebook groups may have seen some of the fantastic resources produced by James Bleach from Samuel Ward Academy. James has now developed a great website called JambleD&T where all of his resources are shared and available for teachers to download. 

One example of the resources you can download is the Monopoly Controlled Assessment tracker. Take a look at the photos below showing the tracker printed out and on display in the department corridor. 

Click here to visiwww.jambledandt.com to see the tracker and other resources.

Student D&T Conference

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Criag Howells, and the D&T team from Hereford Cathedral School, are running their second FREE D&T Conference aimed at year 10 and 11 students. The event will be held in the Sports Hall of the Hereford School. Speakers will include Alumni students from the school who are now working as designers and engineers, as well as Keynote speaker, Jeremy White, from Seymourpowell. 

The conference aims to inspire students and to help them learn about the design process first hand whilst highlighting key issues relevant to design students.  Priority will be given to schools in Herefordshire or Worcestershire but schools outside that area can go on the waiting list for any spare places. This conference is an excellent way of showcasing success in design along with the range of career opportunities available.

To find out more or book places contact Mrs Linda Harding, 01432 363522 or email schoolsec@herefordcs.com 

Course Updates: For All D&T Teachers

Click on the links below to find out more or click here to see the full course calendar


Maximising Progression in D&T using Higher Order Thinking Skills (Wed 25 Feb, Birmingham)


New KS3 Curriculum: Maximising Progression in D&T (Wed 13 May, York & Fri 3 July, London)

Focus on Textiles: Back to  my roots!

Protective Clothing For Sports

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Back in the summer holidays I visited the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. As well as being a national museum for arms and armour the museum also looks at how armour is used in modern day situations. There are obvious links to the forces and the police, and there were lots of interesting displays on bullet proof vests, helmets, and various other protective clothing. One of the interesting things about the display was the link between traditional armour and modern protective clothing used, for example, in sportswear, and things like motorbike riding. 

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If you have sports mad students in your classes why not get them to do some research on protective clothing used in sports. There are some great links to smart and modern materials as well as e-textiles. The construction and design of many of these garments is also interesting e.g. the use of storage pockets, wind flaps to cover zips etc.

Here are some useful links to get students going:

http://www.armourgel.co.uk - Armourgel is a revolutionary new energy absorbing material, designed to alter the way we think about protecting the human body from impact and injury

shin guard 4802

http://goo.gl/KDRItx - Bliss are a company who make body armour protection for a variety of extreme sports using Armourgel technology

http://goo.gl/lBp2Uj - Motoair,  a company who design and make ‘airbag jackets’ that inflate when a ripcord is pulled instantly creating a padded jacket that reduces impact and injury

http://goo.gl/8Mir9v - Impulse jackets for bikers that use wireless technology to display the bike’s indicator and brake lights on the biker’s jacket

http://goo.gl/8Mir9v - the history of the cricket helmet

Course Updates: For All D&T Textiles Teachers

Click on the links below to find out more or click here to see the full course calendar


GCSE Textiles Revision: Preparing for the Written Exam (Mon 9 Mar, Nottingham & Tues 26 May, Nottingham)


Back to Basics: Developing Your Textiles Practical Skills (Thurs 7 May, Nottingham)


Introduction to A level Textiles (Wed 21 Jan, Nottingham)


A Level Product Design Textiles: Developing Key Knowledge and Skills for Units 1 & 3 (Tues 9 June, York)


Maximising Progression & Developing Exam Technique in A Level Product Design Textiles (Tues 21 April, London)


KS3 Textiles: Planning an Outstanding & Engaging Curriculum (Mon 18th May, Nottingham)

Basic Introduction to E-textiles for Beginners (Mon 20 April, Nottingham)


Basic & More Advanced E-Textiles (Including Basic Programming) (Sat 6 June, Nottingham)


Advanced Programmable E-textiles: Meeting the Electronics Requirements of the KS3 Curriculum (Mon 6 July, Nottingham)


STEM in Textiles: Integrating Smart, Modern and Electronic Textiles into  your Curriculum (Sat 7 Feb, Nottingham)

STEM in Textiles: Using Maths to Inspire & Develop Your Textiles Curriculum (Mon 29 June, Nottingham)


The Textiles Teacher Event (Sat 3 October, Nottingham)

Free Photo Download

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Sales from this football in John Lewis fund sport opportunities for  young people to encourage an active lifestyle. What do other companies do to raise money for charities as part of their commitment to social responsibilities?

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