Happy Holidays!

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The last few schools finally break up for the summer this week. It’s been a long year, with lots of change and hard work, so I hope everyone has a well deserved and relaxing break. 

This is the final blog of the academic year and the format is slightly different to normal, with lots of loose ends to tie up before the end of term, but everything will return to normal in September

Although the blog will stop for a while you can still get regular D&T updates and freebies over the summer by following my Facebook page. Just ‘like’ the page to see D&T updates most days. I am planning a new resource giveaway in the next few weeks so sign up to avoid missing out as there will be no blog to let you know when it has been released. 

Don’t forget to give me your new contact details if you are changing schools. If you are reading the blog for the first time you can receive it each week by email so just email julie@julieboyd.co.uk with your contact details. 

Competition Entries

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There has been a steady trickle of competition entries for the last month or so but the postman has been particularly busy this week with lots of entries coming in. It is a genuine pleasure to open every parcel and to see the entries. The standard of work has been high, particularly from younger students, and it is going to be a hard competition to judge! Details of entries will be on my website when the competition is finalised and the work will also be on display at The Textiles Teacher Event on October 3rd. A big thank you to anyone who has entered for all their hard work. 

Looking For Resources Over The Summer

If you are doing any planning over the summer don’t forget you can access old blogs at http://goo.gl/1lwCVi. Unfortunately there is no search facility on the website but you can see the blogs indexed into key areas at http://goo.gl/yjITbB. Clicking on each key area takes you to the blog where the original information appeared. 

You can also find resources on my social media pages and over the holiday I will be continuing to post resources on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. 

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If you use social media The National STEM Centre are encouraging teachers to use the hashtag #myDTholiday to showcase all the D&T things around us on a daily basis. Visit http://goo.gl/xQSoxc for more information. 

If you are looking for D&T places to visit over the summer take a look at the ‘visits' section on my website for some suggestions http://goo.gl/j5XC7o. Make sure you check opening times etc. with the venue website before travelling. 

Don’t Forget The Curriculum Reviews!

We might be on holiday but there is still lots going on that impacts on D&T so don’t forget to fill in the curriculum reviews for GCSE and A level. 

Draft D&T GCSE document & your chance to respond to it https://goo.gl/YZKsJV  

Draft D&T A level document & your chance to respond to it https://goo.gl/ywm3pA 

Information from D&TA on the GCSE consultation https://goo.gl/zXs5No

Information from D&TA on the A level consultation https://goo.gl/wkq3B1

Don’t forget to mention the proposed loss of Food at A level even if you are not a Food teacher. I recommend that Food teachers become members of the Food Teachers Centre group on Facebook as well as visiting the website www.foodteacherscentre.co.uk and signing up for the newsletter. This will keep you up to date with all the developments and there is lots of support and advice including on what you might write in the consultation. 

Courses Over The Summer Holidays

We have had several requests to put on courses over the summer holidays and the current ones are listed below. If you would like other courses to be run over the summer just email julie@julieboyd.co.uk.

A Beginners Guide to Electronics
31st July, Nottingham
(see below for dates in the new term)

Back to Basics: Developing Your Textiles Practical Skills (intermediate level)  19th August, Nottingham 
(see below for dates in the new term)

Textiles Practical Skills: Higher Level Skills to Maximise Progression at KS4 & 5 (Advanced course) 20th August, Nottingham 

Courses In The New Term For All D&T Teachers

Click on the links to find out more or click here to see the full calendar

An Introduction to 3D Software & 3D Printing for Beginners 
Fri 9th Oct London & Wed 14 Oct Liverpool 

New KS3 & KS4 Curriculum: Maximising Progression in D&T 

Get Your D&T Department From Good to Outstanding
24th Nov, Nottingham NEW COURSE

A Beginners Guide to Electronics
Mon 7 Dec Liverpool & Wed 16 Dec Nottingham

Just For D&T Textiles Teachers: Courses In The New Term

Click on the links below to find out more or click here to see the full course calendar

A Level Product Design Textiles: Developing Key Knowledge and Skills for Units 1 & 3  16th October, Nottingham 

Back to Basics: Developing Your Textiles Practical Skills (intermediate level)  22nd September, Nottingham NEW DATE

GCSE Textiles: Preparing for the Written Exam NEW
28th September, Nottingham

The Textiles Teacher Event 

An Introduction to E-textiles for Beginners
8th October, Watford

Introduction to A Level Product Design Textiles 
Mon 12th Oct, Nottingham 

Raising the Profile of Textiles in Your School
Wed 9 Dec, Nottingham

Why not build attending a course into your Performance Review? 
Dates or venue not suitable or type of course you want not available? Additional courses can be added to the course calendar at your request at no additional cost to you. Email julie@julieboyd.co.uk for more details. 

And Finally…

This weeks #ThinkDo free download:

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 #ThinkDo #Product What makes an iconic product? What iconic products can you name from the past? Do you think the Apple watch will be an iconic product of the future? What other predictions would you make? 

Quick activities that include a free photo & thinking point. Find out more at  http://goo.gl/l871ZW

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