13th December 2018

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Download all of the TechDoodle and #ThinkDo resources from the Autumn 2018 term all collected together onto a PowerPoint. Offer ends 9th January 2019. 

Download the TechDoodles PowerPoint with all 24 of the resources from the Autumn 2018 term all in one place THIS OFFER HAS NOW ENDED

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Download the #ThinkDo PowerPoint with all 24 of the cards from the Autumn 2018 term all in one place THIS OFFER HAS NOW ENDED

Note the files are quite large and may not download to some mobile devices. Some school system settings might also restrict downloads. 

Starting to Think About Revision for the Spring Term?

Want to build an effective revision programme? Want to develop a curriculum that embeds learning from day one? Look at our “Exam Success: How to Make Learning Stick in D&T’ course with venues in central London (29th Jan), Burnley (5th Feb), Basingstoke (26th Feb), Liverpool (8th Mar) & Nottingham (11th Mar)

  • Content relevant to all GCSE exam boards 
  • Strategies that support the delivery of theory in preparation for the exam
  • Easy to use every day T&L strategies that embed learning
  • Ideas on targeted revision in the build up to the exam 
  • Flagging up key priorities in theory content that will help students be successful
  • Evidence based strategies e.g. spaced practice, metacognition
  • Strategies for low and high mark questions 
  • Maximising performance of borderline students, as well as high flyers
  • Resources to take away worth over £100
  • Find out more about this course

If you're looking for a similar course but with more focused on A level take a look at our Maximising Results in A level Fashion & Textiles course on 31st January in Nottingham (limited places left).

Support for Your Lesson Planning for 2019

If you are looking for support for your lesson planning for 2019 take a look at the Let’s Learn  resources. This is a collection of videos, #ThinkDo activities, web links & other information designed to support learning in D&T.

Why Not Use Our Product in a Tin Competition as an Activity for 2019?
Our Product in a Tin competition can be used as a module of work, as an NEA mock context, or as a homework, club or extension activity. It’s open to years 5 - 11 and there are lots of resources to get you started. With prizes for the winning school worth over £1200 it’s definitely worth getting your students involved. This year for the first time photo entries are also accepted (although they can’t win a prize apart from being featured on the website). Competition ends 1/8/19. 

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