12th January 2020

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Material properties-  aluminium wool Duplex board LProduct analysis L

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Context - graduation LDesign problem - camping stool L

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Two free #ThinkDo resources are released each week on our 
Facebook page with high quality images which are better for printing being uploaded on the blog page the following Sunday. Find out more about our #ThinkDo resources. 

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  • Honda’s new air bag design acts like a baseball mitt with 3 compartments bound together by a sail panel that catches and slows down the head in a collision. It’s been designed to add additional protection for front angle collisions where the head often slides off the airbag.
  • Nice, simple example of design thinking inspired by biomimicry - attachment for a water bottle that collects atmospheric water vapour for drinking where there’s no access to running water. Learning links include biomimicry based on leaves, 3D printing, properties of PET, designed to attach to a readily available product and all at a low cost & without electricity.
  • If you have ever wondered how electronic circuits conduct electricity this article has some useful info and videos that cover how electrons flow and how insulators and resistors work. It's more information than students need to know for KS3/4 but it's interesting for anyone who would like to know more and deepen their understanding. 
  • Fun infographic on making colour through history (click on the infographic link in the second paragraph to see it in more detail and to get more information on each colour).
  • Buckle Me Baby Coats might be useful to show the development of a common product in order to meet a specific need. The coats have side fastening zips that enable seat belts on baby seats to be buckled tightly around the body without the coat having to be removed. Bulky coats stop the car seat harness from holding the body tightly leaving enough room for the force of a crash to push the child upwards out of the coat and through the top of the harness (particularly very young children who have more flexible shoulders than an older child). The side zip on the Buckle Me Coat allows for the top of the coat to be pulled right out of the way so the harness can be fastened with the front panel either being left open and rolled to one side or the coat can be refastened to keep the child warm. 

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