15th March 2020

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We’ve Been Quiet for a While….

We’ve been off the radar for a while with very few social media posts, no blog and no new TechDoodle and #ThinkDo resources. This is because we moved house in the last week of February and had some unexpected complications which meant that although we were able to move into our new property most of our stuff had to go into storage where much of it is likely to stay for a while. That’s made life interesting when you run a business from home - throw in a global pandemic and it gets even more interesting! 

We finally have the internet and some office space set up in all the chaos so we hope to get back to some sort of normality, certainly on the work front and this starts off with some free TechDoodle and #ThinkDo resources we are releasing to support school closures. Things may still be a little downsized compared to what we normally do until we get more settled at home, particularly depending on potential disruption with the coronavirus, but our aim is to continue to support D&T teachers and students in the best way we can. 

Support For School Closures During the Coronavirus Outbreak

TechDoodle #ThinkDo

In order to support schools closed during of the coronavirus outbreak we are releasing a range of our TechDoodle and #ThinkDo resources. There’s already quite a few of these resources on the website but we’ve collected then together all in one place to make it easier to access things more quickly. The resources are collected together into PowerPoints categorised into learning areas from our 10 Key Learning Areas in D&T document.  The resources can be used as they are or as individual slides. Many of the TechDoodle and #ThinkDo resources are designed to compliment each other and can be used together. The resources don’t cover all of the learning from the KS3 and GCSE curriculum as they are still very much a work in progress (and some PowerPoints have only limited resources) but we hope they will provide support for teachers and students at this challenging time.

TechDoodle #ThinkDo

Download the resources here

Find out more about how to use our TechDoodle resources &  #ThinkDo resources. 

Our Product in a Tin competition might also be suitable to develop as a design and make activity for students to do either at home or in school. Get more information and resources to get you started. 

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Coronavirus COVID-19 - This situation is a constantly changing and we will be following government recommendations when making decisions about courses. Decisions about whether courses held at the National STEM Learning Centre will run will be decided by the Centre and not us so please contact the Centre direct for the most up to date information on STEM Centre courses.  Based on current advice our courses for the foreseeable future are postponed, including our courses at the STEM Centre. For official updates on current government recommendations visit the www.gov.uk website. 

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