8th December 2019

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Hedgemon biomimcry inspired helmet LWhat am I - eyelet maker L

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Two free #ThinkDo resources are released each week on our 
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Product in a Tin Competition Prize Giving 

We had a great trip to Whitefriars School in Harrow last week to deliver the Product in a Tin competition prizes and to meet Arjun who won first prize (seen in the photos with Ms Amdur, the department technician, who worked with Arjun on the project and Ms Sharma, Arjun’s new teacher as Arjun’s original teacher Ms Shah no longer works at the school).

Product in a Tin winners 2019

Arjun won amazing prizes for his school - a class set of Crumble microcontrollers sponsored by Mindsets, along with a H Class 100Q sewing machine sponsored by Husqvarna Viking and Coles Sewing Centre in Nottingham. 


Part of the prize for the school included a half day’s training for Arjun’s teachers on the Crumble microcontroller. He also won prizes for himself including a £50 gift voucher and a pile of drawing and design equipment. 

It was really great to meet Arjun and we also got the chance to meet Vivek whose entry won one of the #InspiredBy smaller prizes. 

Product in a Tin competition winners 2

Why not use the competition as a module of work, homework, mock NEA or after school club and you never know it might be your department we are delivering these fabulous prizes to next year! See more details on the competition, along with supporting resources.

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  • Article with a nice short summary about what ADHD & some reminders about effective strategies in the classroom.
  • This article on the role of textiles in robot design might be good background reading, particularly for post 16 students. Applications include exoskeletons, the Robo-Glove used for working in space (with sensors in the fingertips that allow the fingers to be set rigid to grip tools or equipment and provide muscle support and which when pressed again release the object), the TRAuma Care in a Rucksack (sensors embedded into a robotic suit with AI algorithms directing critical care and treatments, e.g. intravenous fluids and medication), pop up muscles capable of lifting up to on thousand times its own weight and electronic skin that can recognise stimulus on its surface. 

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