Different Behaviours

Although this video is aimed at teachers it’s broader message applies to everyone. Not everyone fits the stereotype for ‘normal’ behaviours and for some people behaviours that others don’t understand are a coping mechanism. 

Let’s be clear this is not about saying any behaviour is acceptable, and it’s important to understand that all behaviours must be appropriate and reasonable within the context they are in. The behaviours we are talking about here are the little ones that often irritate us or which don’t always see as the social norm, particularly within a work environment. It is, however, important to bear in mind that people are different, with different needs, and that what may seem like an odd or irritating behaviour to one person may have a reason and actually be something to positive for them. 

Recognising and embracing someone’s different behaviours is a great leadership quality as it helps us get the most out of those we work with. 

Think about the people you work with:

  • How does their approach to situations differ?
  • How do you respond to the behaviour of different people?
  • How might behaviours that irritate you or which you find odd be a positive thing for the other person?
  • Why do certain behaviours irritate you? How important are they are overall e.g. do they have a negative impact? Does the issue sit with the other person’s behaviour or your acceptance of it?

This month's free photo download to prompt reflection:

Ketchup 2008

How can the image be used as a metaphor for something that is happening in your life (good or bad)? What does it spark inside you in terms of seeing a new way forward you had not previously considered? 

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