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We produce a range of resources for our courses and some are also free to download. Some resources are suitable for use immediately and others may need some adaptation to tailor them to the audience you want to use them with. 

Generic coaching resources 

Coaching key skills - an outline of the key skills needed to be a coach

Evaluating your coaching skills - a self evaluation form to help you evaluate your skills and identify areas for development

GROW questions - a grid of questions to help structure coaching sessions using the GROW model

Magic questions - questions & ideas to help you when the coach or coachee is ‘stuck’

Using quotes as a tool for reflection - famous quotes that can be used for reflection to help move a coachee forward

Behaviour patterns - aspergers - support for coaches working with coachees with behaviour issues (with a particular focus on Asperger behaviour traits in the workplace)

Find out more about coaching - booklist - a resources list for books, websites and associations with useful information related to coaching

Use the coaching reflection tool photo resource. The photos can be used online or printed onto postcards or business cards. They can be used to prompt reflection in coaches by getting them to think about how the image can be used as a metaphor for something that is happening in their life. The photos are a good way of helping the coach ask challenging questions that lead to deeper reflection and consideration of perspectives that have not previously been thought of. 

Return to the main Coaching page to see other resources & information

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