11th March 2021

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This week’s free resource downloads

The ‘introduction to smart materials’  page is the latest to be updated on our website with free resources. This page also has a link to some free resources we wrote for the National STEM Learning Centre on smart materials (you might need to register to access the resources but registration is free). 

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Did You See These Posts On Our Facebook Page?

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  • The Museum of the Home’s online collections library has an archive of a range of products for the home that might be a useful research resource. The website also has some learning activities. 
  • Portable wind turbine that is easy to assemble and that works in low wind conditions and which might have applications in camping and other contexts where access to power is limited.
  • Short video on design ethics and companies who copy the designs of others - in particular the video shows a photography bag copied by Amazon and sold at a much cheaper price.
  • Scheme of learning and resources for a KS3 module on design thinking linked to climate change, including links mapped to the 17 Global Goals for sustainability. Although it’s planned as a longer module of work this could be adapted for a shorter activity as well as being a good starting point for ideas on planning your own activities.  
  • Video on the Nike Vaporfly running shoe which is described by some as ‘mechanical’ or ‘technology’ doping as it’s claimed they give users and unfair advantage and should be banned. 
  • Several links related to International Women’s Day which are useful for any time of the year. Links include a video of women talking about their careers in engineering (they refer to science a lot but much of what they do in their roles in just as relevant to D&T), along with an article on 10 women from history who fought for a better future
  • The history of the pocket.

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Some of This Week’s Thinking Points and Photos on Instagram

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See our latest Instagram updates (account isn’t needed to access the page). 


To see all of these updates visit our Instagram page

Product in a Tin Competition

Why not use our Product in a Tin competition as a home learning activty? The prizes are fabulous for both the winning student and their school.  Get more information and resources to get you started. 

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Online and Distance Learning CPD Currently Being Planned

We're currently adapting some of our face to face courses so they can be delivered online or as independent distance learning modules. These will be released as they become available over the spring and summer term but if you would like to be notified directly when these become available let us know. These include:

  • Curriculum planning and auditing
  • Support for textiles specialists to deliver the core content learning on broader materials
  • Practical approaches to KS3 and the D&T GCSE core content
  • Electronics

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Face to Face CPD Coming Up Soon

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