1st February 2022

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This Week’s Website Update and Free Resource Downloads

Our new BoydCreate shop website has been updated this week with free resources aimed at the core content for D&T GCSE on metals, polymers, timber, paper and board and textiles. These resources have previously been given away on the website but are now in an editable PowerPoint format.                                  


Download the resources on metals
(3 knowledge based sheets & 3 activity handouts)


Download the resources on timber
(4 knowledge based sheets & 3 activity handouts)


Download the resources on polymers
(3 knowledge based sheets & 3 activity handouts)

Paper & Board

Download the resources on paper & board
(3 knowledge based sheets & 3 activity handouts)


Download the resources on textiles
(7 knowledge based sheets & 6 activity handouts)

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Some of This Week’s Thinking Points and Photos on Instagram

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Did You See These Posts On Our Facebook Page?

Like our Facebook page for regular D&T updates & resources

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  • How about a cat maze under your bed? Catlife, the company who sells the bed, have some other interesting products designed for cat lovers on their website.
  • Amazing machine embroidery work by textile artist Sophie Standing 
  • Library workstation that allows caregivers to use the library computer with a space to keep babies occupied and safe. Design team Quinn Evans worked with Fairfield Area Library in Virginia whose brief was for the library to be better able to meet the needs of local parents wanting to use the library computers.
  • An interesting addition to the Chelsea Flower Show this year - a textile garden showcasing plants that can be used as textiles fibres or dyes all in support of Fashion Revolution.
  • Short video introducing the Design Council that includes statistics about how design can impact on the environmental and climate change. The second half of the video might be particularly useful for students with a call to arms that design briefs should be written to encourage ‘Design for Planet’, which is the Design Council’s mission to bring together the design community to be part of the solution to climate change.
  • NASA’s Technology Transfer Program takes technologies designed for space travel and applies them to solving problems back on earth. This article summarises some of these applications. 

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