4th March 2021

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This week’s free resource downloads

This week’s website updates continue last week’s textiles theme with 5 resources on textiles fabric construction. As with the previous resources over the last few weeks on timber, metals, polymerspaper and board  and textiles fibres the resources are designed for the core content of the D&T GCSE as well as many also being suitable for KS3. Download the fabric construction resources. 

Textile fabric construction 2

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  • Link to the latest update from CLEAPSS on practical work during the pandemic.
  • Useful student friendly infographic on how GCSE's and A levels will be graded.
  • How street artists levitate - something fun to get your students thinking you can do magic! 
  • Folding chair design based on an umbrella design. Interesting idea to use as a starting point to get students thinking about how everyday products can inspire new ideas 
  • Resources from the Marks and Spencer archive museum on fibres, fabrics, fashion. Although some resources are targeted at other key stages and subjects many are a good starting point for ideas for KS3 and 4 D&T. The archive catalogue is also a good research tool for students to use.
  • Video where designer Laduma Ngxokolo talks about Maxhos Africa, a South African men’s and women’s knitwear brand that incorporates traditional Xhosa beadwork patterns, symbolism and colours.
  • Introduce International Women’s Day on March 8th by talking about inventions and products designed by women.
  • Video on cotton that compares Fairtrade and non Fairtrade cotton, including how cotton is grown, processed and manufactured into products 
  • This article is more suitable for A level students and teachers to read than younger students but it’s useful for gathering information on the importance of non woven textiles materials in the development of electric and hybrid vehicles and great for showing an example of high tech uses of textiles. Non woven are currently used in a range of areas in vehicles including backings on seating materials, roof linings and carpets, as well as in boot liners, speaker covers and in filter systems. By increasing the use of non wovens to replace other materials in EV vehicles the weight of a vehicle can be reduced which increases efficiency e.g. in wheel well liners, airfoils, battery casings, sound proofing

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Dividing line

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Some of This Week’s Thinking Points and Photos on Instagram

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Product in a Tin Competition

Why not use our Product in a Tin competition as a home learning activty? The prizes are fabulous for both the winning student and their school.  Get more information and resources to get you started. 

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