7th October 2021

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This Week’s Website Update and Free Resource Downloads

This week’s page update on the website focuses on everyday products that mix materials with each material being chosen for its properties and the way it enables the product to carry out its intended purpose. Seven resources downloads have been added to the page, most of which have been shared before in other formats, but it may be useful to check whether you already have them or not. Visit the page

Mixed material products

If you're a textiles specialist looking for support to deliver the broader materials content of the D&T GCSE in a way that celebrates the traditions and creativity of textiles, whilst still embracing a multi material approach, take a look at the blended learning course we have coming up in December. 

D&T GCSE supporting textiles

Some of This Week’s Thinking Points and Photos on Instagram

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It’s always great to be able to share things students progress onto after school as a way of inspiring other students. It was therefore great to see Richard O’Hare from St. Edward’s College in Liverpool (who’s teacher was Kerry Cave) in this video working as a intern for Harris Reed on the outfit he designed for Iman at the MET gala. I met Richard in his final year at A level (when he also won the YFDUK competition) and he’s a real talent to look out for in the future. 

  • #BlackHistoryMonth links:
    1. Black designers who shaped fashion history 
    2. Every day products designed by black inventors
    3. ‘Khadi’ installation at Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery that is part of the British Textile Biennial held during October. Khadi is usually made from cotton off-cuts and is associated with Gandhi and his work to revive village industries in India. It’s also became a political symbol to represent the challenge against English rule. 

  • #WorldSpaceWeek links:
    1. Links to resources on titanium, its everyday uses as well as applications in space.
    2. Links to resources on PTFE and its origins in space travel, as well as how this technology is used everyday in Gore-tex fabrics.
    3. Links to resources on metal foam and it uses.
    4. Link to Italian company Grado Zero Espace, a technology transfer company who take space technologies and create everyday products

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Our Product in a Tin Competition is Taking a Break 

Our Product in a Tin competition will not be running for the foreseeable future. It’s been been a big success but takes a lot of organising, something that has become more of challenge due to impact of the pandemic. The competition is therefore taking a break to allow us to focus on our other work. The resources will remain on the website for schools to use as a module of work or as a competition within their own school.

See the 2020/2021 winners of our Product in a Tin Competition

2020:2021 1st 2nd 3rd

Look at the face to face, blended learning and distance learning options we offer. 

Blended Learning CPD

Our blended learning courses are equivalent to a one day training course with 2 hours live online training plus at least 4 hours of self directed study activities.

Live Face to Face CPD

The continuing challenges of the pandemic means we are currently only able to offer our Introduction to Servicing & Maintaining Sewing Machine course as a face to face one day course (and we’re in the process of organising dates for this). 

If you re looking for face to face training and can get together at least 6 participants (e.g. your department or a local group of teachers) along with providing a suitable training room we can run the following one day face to face courses for your group:


Distance Learning CPD Courses

Our distance learning CPD courses can be worked through at your own pace without the need for time out of school and without travel and accommodation costs. 

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