Thinking About a Career in D&T

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Made Here Now

Short video from Made Here Now on the prominence of different types of careers in manufacturing in the UK. TheMade Here Nowwebsite is also being developed to support a wide range of careers in manufacturing and is worth a look.

Creative Journeys

Three minute video by the Arts Council onthe importance of the creativeindustries (including specific references to Design and Technology). TheCreative Journeyswebsite also has casestudy videos on individual roles indesign related industries.


AllCreative is a website that aims to showcase a range of careers inthe creative industries and their importance to the UK economy. It includes a wide range of professionalswithin the design industry from fashion,architecture to graphic design. The video above shows industrialdesigner Ed Barber who designed the 2016 Olympic Torch (via Louise Burnett on theDesign and Technology Teachers Forum)

Each video outlines what inspired a range of different creative professionals.Each professionaltalks about what their jobconsists of and gives advice on how others might get into a similar job. Below are three examples of videos fromthe website on three professionals in different design related industries.

Future Morph

TheFuture Morphwebsite has a wide range ofresources on STEM careers in D&T relatedareas.

Tomorrow’s Engineers

TheTomorrow’s Engineerswebsite includes lots of useful careers resources includingfree posters and postcards. It is aimed at 11 to 14 year-olds (but is alsosuitable for olderstudents) who are interested in all areas of engineering from space travel, to fashion to medicine. The website also has a wide range of videos including this one on 21 different types of engineers.

UCAS Information on D&T

UCAS page on D&T which lists potential careers as well as skills and qualities developed by studying D&T.

TheNational STEM Learning Centre

STEM careers database by the National STEM Learning Centre


STEM careers

The Institute of Engineering &Technology

Careers inengineering- includes a free poster celebrating women in engineering

The Tech Girl Movement

Australian site on STEM careers for girls

The Design & Technology Association

Search for ‘careers’ on the Design & Technology Association website to find a variety of resources

General careers advice

A range of video case studies on careers including those in D&T. It also has general advice on things like gap years, university choices, entering the workplace, and options at 14, 16 & 18.

Creative Choices

A site dedicated to careers in design with lots of tips and case studies as well as an‘ask the expert’ helpline

Tasty Careers in Food & Drink

Jobs, case studies, and resources for teachers on different careers in the food industry

Careers in Fashion & Textiles

Careers in Fashion &  Textiles

Download a free Careers in Fashion & Textiles resource

National Careers Service

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The National Careers Service is a general careers website with a dedicated section for young people. There is lots of general careers advice as well as specific information on specific job roles, colleges, universities, and apprenticeships.

Top 10 Employability Skills Poster


Great poster from the STEM Centre on ten general top employability skills, all of which relate to D&T really well. There’s also a separate sheet with a couple of ideas on how to use the tips.

What do Graduates Do?


Summary ofcareersthatgraduates go into, including design.The most up to date version can be found here

Careers of the Future


Interactive page on the BBC websiteon the theme of‘will a robot take your job?’. The enables you to search for various jobs and careers and find out how they might be impacted by robots and automation in the future.


With the predictionthat 65% of today’s children will have jobs that don’tcurrently predict this article looksto thefuture and what these might be.

Apprenticeships & TechnicalEducation

Instititue for Apprencticeships & Technical Education

Apprencetips information on the website

Apprencticeship website

UCAS information on apprenticeships

Case Studies on Individuals and Their Roles

Hear individuals working within D&T related industries about the work they do and their career journey.

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