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This page features work from a range of schools across all material areas in D&T. 

Do you have an inspirational project, display or idea? Find out how your school can be featured on my website. 

Alderman Peel High School, Norfolk

See how Amanda Moffat has used Flipsnack to create engaging resources that feel a bit different to your standard worksheet or textbook. 

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Harrow International School, Bangkok

Find out more about the plastic recycling scheme at the school and how this can help you raise the profile of D&T

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Devizes School, Wiltshire

See an unusual and creative idea for engaging students when they first start to learn how to use the sewing machine

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St Clement Danes School, Chorleywood

See the fantastic Product in a Tin competition entries, including the first prize winner

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Crown Hills School, Leicester

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Take a look at some of the work of the school, including a collaboration with De Montfort University focusing on footwear design

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LL #ThinkDo box and cards

Park House School, Newbury

Find out how Park House School in Newbury use our #ThinkDo cards

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Worbla bodice & skirt

Kellett School, Hong Kong

See a bodice & skirt made using innovative materials by a GCSE Product Design student

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Plymouth High School for Girls, Plymouth

See an innovative solar powered bag that combines several D&T materials

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All Hallows’ Catholic High School

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See a display board designed to market textiles in the D&T GCSE

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Sacred Heart of Mary Girls School, Upminster

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See how external display boards and vinyls have helped raise the profile of D&T 

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Leicester Grammar School

Leicester Grammar School

See the work of the D&T department which embraces traditional D&T alongside new & exciting technologies

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LL Design flipbook

The Peterborough School, Peterborough

Find out about Design Flipbook, an innovative way of showing progression in D&T

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L wallet 1

Goldophin School, Salisbury

See the flexible laser cut stitched wooden wallet idea developed by the department 

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Thomas Estley Community College, Leicestershire

See how GCSE D&T students are using materials in unusual ways

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tent cape

Edgbaston High School for Girls, Birmingham

See how textiles students are encouraged to think differently producing innovative outcomes for real world problems

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L IMG 4111

Gillingham School, Dorset

See some of the work by students from the school exhibited at The Textiles Teacher Roadshow 

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The Grammar School at Leeds

See how year 10 students have brightened up a workshop and learnt about design movements at the same time with these awesome decoupage stools

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Kesteven & Sleaford High School, Lincolnshire

Find out about a year 9 e-textiles project that aims to develop skills students will need for the contextual challenge and NEA in the D&T GCSE

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Saxmundham Free School, Suffolk

Take a look at this great 6Rs four week homework activity

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The Macclesfield Academy

Find out more about this great E-textiles light project

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The King John School, Essex

Get tips from Year 9 students on experimenting with Tyvek

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Eliann Witt

Burford School, Oxfordshire

Find out more winner of the 2016 competition 

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Audenshaw School, Manchester

See how the D&T department used the mannequin challenge to raise the profile of D&T and their Twitter Feed. Click here to find out more.

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The Priory Academy LSST, Lincoln

Fantastic sketchbook work developing textiles skills

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Wycombe High School, High Wycombe

See some fabulous felting work that shows just how creative D&T Textiles A level can be and how theory can be taught through practical work. Click here to find out more

Quote Totes CAD (1)

Thorp Academy, Ryton

Find out about ‘Quote Totes’, a year 9 CAD/CAM textiles project. Click here to find out more.

L IMG 1111

Stockbridge High School, Sheffield

See the ‘to do’ list display board used to help keep track of year 11 controlled assessment and to encourage independent learning.
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Flixton Girls’ School, Trafford

Use this pop-up shop idea to showcase work at open evenings and really get it noticed. Click here to find out more.

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Wymondham College, Norfolk

Find out about a ‘selfie’ poster idea that is quick and easy to do and which will help raise the profile of D&T. Click here to find out more.

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Pittville School, Cheltenham

See inspirational GCSE & A level textiles products that use laser cut and laser engraved decoration. 
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Philip Morant School and College, Colchester

See how the school have used my #ThinkDo and TechDoodle activities as part of stretch and challenge learning wall. Click here to find out more

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Shoeburyness High School, Essex

Fabulous displays that showcase both D&T and British design. Click here to find out more

L P1080443

The Grey Coat Hospital, London

A project that combines laser cut textiles and e-textiles with a wooden base and struts to create fabulous nightlight teepees

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Wolverhampton Girls’ High School, West Midlands


A year 8 collaborative project between Product Design and Textiles based on The Day of the Dead theme

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L IMG 8509

Guru Nanak Sikh Academy, Middlesex

See a range of textiles work including work showcased at The Textiles Teacher Roadshow as well as a year 13 textiles project produced as part of the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Click here to find out more

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Casterton School, Rutland

A fabulous mixed materials project designing and making ear bud wraps along with the retail packaging

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Departmental newsletter from The Fernwood School, Nottingham


A departmental newsletter showcasing what is happening in the ADT faculty at the school, including the departmental 'Design Day’ event

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King’s School, Germany

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Take a look at how the Food team at King’s School in Germany created 'takeaway bags’ in response to a snow day closing the school. The team didn’t want year 7 to miss out on their food lesson so each student received the ingredients and instructions to make the product at home (the school pay for ingredients). Find out how the team want to develop this idea as an activity, e.g. for G&T studentsClick here to find out more

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Light Hall School, Solihull

See some great e-textiles fabric torches by year 8 students

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D&T Conference for students at Hereford Cathedral School

Find out more about Hereford Cathedral School’s FREE conference for D&T students in years 10 & 11. This is a fantastic way to raise the profile of D&T

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JambleD&T website by James Bleach, Samuel Ward Academy, Haverhill

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See James Bleach’s Monopoly Controlled Assessment tracker and find out more about his website with some fantastic teacher resources

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Sandbach School, Cheshire

See the short video of Sandbach School’s exhibition celebrating the work of their students.

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L IMG 3744

Lady Margaret School, London

See the inspirational classrooms and work from the school, including laser cutting, sublimation printing and a fantastic door sized weaving loom.

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Wirral Grammar School for Girls, Merseyside

Great design sketches by a year 13 student for her A2 coursework

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Rushcliffe School, Nottingham

See a range of work by students including a bag for life screen printing project with great links to industry and a fabulous Year 7 takeaway homework that was run as a competition. Click here to find out more

The Radclyffe School (Oldham)

A quick modelling activity using newspaper, tape and string that proves you don’t always have to have an end product to take home for learning to be fun. 

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RGS Worcester

A year 8 bag project and a year 9 bomber jackets by the school that hosts the Midlands event for the Young Fashion Designer UK competition 

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The Nottingham Emmanuel School (Nottingham)

See some fabulous takeaway homework from KS3 students, as well as a range of other work including GCSE Controlled Assessment, a Jon Bargeman inspired project, and KS3 work showcased in the restaurant area of John Lewis. Click here to find out more

Martin High School (Leicestershire)

See some great learning toys as well as some high quality supporting sketchbook work from year 10s starting their first GCSE textiles project

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Uckfield Community Technology College (East Sussex)

Find out about a fabulous STEM day focusing on military textiles

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Cardinal Newman School (Hove)

See some great A level dresses with a difference as well as some year 10 cushions whose designs are based on the architecture and structures of Brighton and Hove.

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Wallington High School for Girls (Surrey)

Sketchbook bags made by A level students to keep their sketchbooks in. A great way to get students to take ownership of their work as well as a great way to raise the profile of the department.  Click here to find out more

The Gryphon School (Sherborne)

Find out about some yarn bombing that took students at the Gryphon School by surprise!

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Cedars Upper School (Bedfordshire)

See videos made by students that promote the school fashion show and help to raise the profile of the department

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Biddick Academy (Washington, Tyne & Wear)

Find out more about the ‘Dress a Girl Around the World’ project and see the work produced by Charlotte Appleby and her students

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Groby Community College (Leicester)

For the last couple of years Sally Beeston and the students from Groby Community College have supported my annual Textiles Teacher Event by allowing me to showcase some of their GCSE work. Here is some of the fantastic work students have produced. 

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Ruth Horswill

A year 9 slipper project with some fun but practical outcomes. 

(includes Scheme of Learning and other resources to download)

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Birchwood High School, Bishops Stortford

A year 8 tablet case project that uses e-textiles 

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Davison High School, Worthing

A year 9 collar project using e-textiles

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St Mary’s Catholic High School (Menston, West Yorkshire)

A seasonal Christmas stocking project with lots of learning about batch production and key textiles skills

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Mirfield Grammar School (Mirfield)

A year 9 hat project as well other inspirational work from students at the school

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Prince Henry’s Grammar School (Otley)

Projects include a year 9 project making pyjama shorts, a mini project personalising t.shirts and a fabulous A level exhibition

(includes Scheme of Learning and other resources to download)

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Tenby International School (Setia Eco Park, Malaysia)

A year 9 project making hooded tops with striking prints

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Hastings High School (Leicestershire)

See a range of year 8 e-textiles projects

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Sir William Robertson Academy (Lincoln)

An enthusiastic year 7 group who made decorated door hangers with their teacher Zena Parsons. The door hangers included the use of high tech reflective fabric.

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Ashlawn School Academy Trust (Rugby)

Inspirational e-textiles A level work

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Cleethorpes Academy

See several examples of work from Cleethorpes Academy:

Year 9 wall panels inspired by different cultures. These incorporate a variety of different techniques including E-textiles work 

An inspirational after school textiles club for year 8 students that raises the profile of the subject 

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King's School (Germany) 

A brilliant idea for a textiles project around Remembrance Day that would also be a good enterprise type event

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Arnold Hill Academy (Nottingham)

GCSE and A Level work showcased at The Textiles Teacher Event

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Do you have an inspirational project, display or idea? Find out how your school can be featured on my website.

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