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Option Evening Wall Display for D&T GCSE (Textiles)

Judith Pascucci created this wall display for options evening to explain to parents how D&T GCSE can be taught with a textiles focus. 

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Judith got some of the images and ideas from resources shared on Tamsin Mitchell’s GCSE D&T New Spec Textiles Facebook group. The bodice photos used in the display are from a display in a Sainsbury’s store of student work from Blackpool 6th Form College. Judith says that as soon as she saw this work she realised she could teach the D&T spec in a way she could relate to. 

All Hallows Catholic High

The display reflects textiles in the modern world really well and shows how some of the content teachers are seeing as irrelevant to textiles is more relevant than it might seem. It's visual and to the point summing the course up well, including things that might scare students because they haven't previously been in the course. The display also shows that parents and students that they can still do what they have always done in textiles in the past, but that there are exciting new opportunities for those who want them. The board sums this up in one simple, visual display that is easy to relate to. 

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