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Dress a Girl Around the World

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'Dress a Girl Around the World’ is a charity project which encourages people around the world to make simple pillow case dresses that are sent to girls living in poverty in the developing world. The project aims for ‘every girl to own at least one pretty dress’. 

Charlotte Appleby, the textiles teacher at Biddick Academy, has used this project as a skills building project in year 10 and below you can see the fabulous work of Emma, Rhiannan, Romy, Caitlin, Amelia and Jaydene displayed as part of a KS4 Options Evening. The work received lots of positive feedback from students and parents and Charlotte highly recommends it as a project. 

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This project is relatively cheap to do, as it uses recycled pillow cases, and it is a great way of getting students to think about the needs of users other than themselves. Teachers can make the project as simple or as complex as they wish and it is suitable to do with a range of year groups. Although much of the focus is on dresses for girls other items can be made e.g. shorts for boys small toys. 

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If you are inspired by the fabulous work of Charlotte and her students you can find out more about the project at the following links: - the main website - The Dress a Girl Around the World UK Facebook group - The Dress a Girl Around the World UK website run by Jacqui Onslow who currently coordinate dresses sent from the UK. Both this site and the blog below have lots of guidance on how to make the dresses, patterns, quality tips etc. Contact - Blog by Jacqui - website & blog by Louise Horler who is the old UK coordinator. Although Louise no longer coordinates this project there are a lot of useful resources on her website to support the project. Note that you should not send dresses to Louise but to Jacqui at the links above. 

This work was showcased at The Textiles Teacher Event 2015

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