Cardinal Newman School (Hove)

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A Level Projects

I love these A level projects that are a different approach to designing a traditional dress. Students taught by Candy Arbuckle, from Cardinal Newman School in Hove, took the theme of a charity awareness dress to be worn at a charity gala evening by a celebrity who would then be seen wearing the dress thereby promoting the charity. One students chose the animal rights charity, PETA, and the other chose the homeless charity, Shelter. Both students cut their own patterns rather than using a commercial pattern and both dresses use a range of construction and decorative skills. 


Year 10 Project

Candy’s year 10 students made these cushions based on the buildings and structures of Brighton and Hove. Design inspirations included the Brighton Wheel, the Pavilion, the West Pier, the sea front bandstand, beach huts as well as the ''doughnut' bronze sculpture. The purpose of the project was for students to use a range of decorative skills to apply colour and imagery to a useable product. Students were expected to demonstrate a range of decorative skills covered over the year. 

IMG 9057

Work created by Candy’s students was showcased at The Textiles Teacher Event 2015

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schools paperwork

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