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Year 9 collars with e-textiles

Jane Green and Hilary Millington, from Davison High School, has developed a Peter Pan collar project that incorporates e-textiles. The project was carried out by year 9 students in nine one hour lessons spread out over six weeks. 

DSCN7674 copy

As well as e-textiles, the project aimed to develop block printing skills, surface pattern repeats, and hand embellishment, as well as basic pinning, cutting, stitching and pressing skills. 

What makes the project a little different is that students used electronic spare parts to create printing blocks that were then used to decorate the collars. The spare parts were sourced from Tenkay, a local electronics firm. Hand embellishments were then added to the surface of the design.


E-textiles circuits were added to the collars to create a fashion statement collar that is a little bit different. 

What I particularly like about the collars is that the designs are unique and have an unusual point of inspiration. This is also a great idea for a small project that includes a number of skills.

DSCN7677 copy

Jane & Hilary have shared the instructions for creating the circuit on the collar and these can be downloaded below. 


Download the instructions for creating the circuit by clicking on the image

This work was showcased at The Textiles Teacher Event 2015

L 5G2A8455

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