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Awesome Decoupage Workshop Stools

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These decoupage stools are a fabulous way to brighten up a workshop whilst also being a hands on learning activity at the same time. 

Mr Wickham in D&T was inspired to create the stools with his students after seeing the art department chairs created by Miss Gerrard (see chairs below). D&T and art are in the same area of the school and the two departments often work together.

Decoupage chairs

Year 10 students produced the stools covering them with design movement images. The stools and chairs were sanded to provide a key and then the images were stuck down and sealed with acrylic floor varnish. On the initial sample there is some lifting so next time a sanding sealer base will be used. The issue of longevity of the designs lasting isn’t an issue as the plan is for this to be repeated each year with year 10 groups as a learning activity. 

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