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Thinking Differently

Textiles students at Edgbaston High School for Girls in Birmingham are encouraged to think differently when designing, whether it be in terms of their ideas, outcomes or the use of materials. Teachers, Louise Mooney and Annie Cummings, also encourage a strong focus on designing for real situations and people, with design briefs based on real world problems. Designing and making products with a difference has helped the department raise its profile with parents and senior leaders helping them have an insight into what 21st Century textiles design is all about. Below are some great examples of innovative design and making from students at the school. 

Jacket & sleeping bag skirt

This multi functional jacket and skirt were produced by an AS level student and are designed to be worn when taking part in Duke of Edinburgh activities where products with different functions are useful. 

The jacket is embellished with appliqué, embroidery and stars made from reflective tape. It also has sleeves which has boning inserted enabling them to be lifted and locked into place to create shorter sleeves. The skirt is particularly innovative as it doubles up as a sleeping bag with a zip along the bottom and a strap fastening that lifts it up enabling it to be used as a skirt. 

sleeping bag dress
sleeping bag 2


Cape tent

Another AS level student created a cape which could be turned into a tent, making it a product that might be suitable for the homeless or in disaster zones. The cape is made from a strong cotton twill weave fabric which was sprayed with a water proof finish. It has a hood and is in two pieces meaning it can be made shorter by peeling the velcro around the middle. 

tent cape

To make the cape into a tent, poles are inserted into 4 channels inside the cape and the hood acts as a cover for the hole where the head normally goes. The cape has holes for the arms, with PVC along the arm holes which act as windows in the tent form. The product has a range of different techniques and materials, including areas of reflective tape and machine embroidery which can’t easily be seen in the images. 

Rethinking a police jacket

This year 11 student redesigned a police jacket using technical fabrics, reflective tape and LEDs to create a functional product with an aesthetic appeal. 

police jacket

These 3 pieces of work were also showcased at the Textiles Teacher Roadshow in October 2017 as examples of good practice. A number of other pieces of work from the department were also showcased and displays from the Roadshow can be seen below. These pieces of work were very inspiring to teachers attending the event. 

Edgbaston High School for Girls
Edgbaston High School for Girls
Edgbaston High School for Girls 3
Edbaston High School for Girls 2

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