Wymondham College (Norfolk)

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D&T Selfie

If you are looking for ideas for D&T displays, along with ways of raising the profile of D&T, why not use this great idea from Jonny Meeson and Caroline Gallagher from Wymondham College in Norfolk? 

Their display in the entrance foyer to the D&T department capitalises on our obsession with selfies as students can take their photo in front of a display that says 'I am the future of technology’. The display was made by students in year 8 and is a fabulous quick and easy way of filling up those empty noticeboards and getting students talking about D&T. 

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There are so many ways you could develop Jonny & Caroline's great idea. Why not take a photo of each student in your class in front of the selfie board and display all of their photos? If phones aren’t allowed in your school why not take a photo of a student yourself in front of the display when they have produced excellent work? This could be emailed to parents or even used to create postcards home as a reward. 

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Jonny & Caroline believe that interactive resources and displays give students a greater ownership of the classroom space and raise student opinion of staff and the department as a whole. They are keen to showcase student work and is starting to photograph whole group KS3 projects which are framed so students can see their hard work is respected and appreciated.

Why not use Jonny & Caroline's idea to inspire your own selfie display?

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