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E-Textiles A level work

Jacqui Mercado’s A level students produced this great work for their coursework projects. Here we showcase the work and Jacqui gives some practical tips on using e-textiles with students.

 All products use a push switch, basic coin cell holder, conductive thread and flashing LEDs. 

Bralet by Anisa Patel 

braletandshortswithelectronics _Snapseed

Jacqui feels this is the most successful piece of work from an e-textiles perspective and certainly in the photo it has great impact. In particular it is a good example of e-textiles being used to enhance a design rather than it just being added for the sake of it. Jacqui felt the student considered her design and the challenges of e-textiles in more detail leading to a successful piece of work. 

Classic blazer with a twist by Mari Farthing



This classic blazer has a little bit of ‘bling’ around the hem in the form of LEDs. Jacqui says the student found her circuit more troublesome to produce because she was using multiple LEDs around the whole hem. Jacqui advises students and teachers to keep the circuit simple and let the design do the talking rather than being overly adventurous. This makes the production of the product easier especially where any trouble shooting is needed if the circuit doesn’t work. 

Harlequin jacket inspired by Pop Art by Leah Jones 

colourful jacketwithElectronicscolourful jacketwithElectronicscloseup

The LEDs are placed in the collar of the jacket and the student found it hard to get it to lie flat because of this. On hindsight, the student agreed with Jacqui’s original advice, which was to put the circuit into the pocket flap as this would have been a neater and easier solution. Jacqui did however feel that the student learnt a great deal from trying to follow through with her original design idea even though it was challenging. 

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