Cleethorpes Academy

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Year 9 Wall Panels

Cultural panels

Year 9 wall panels inspired by different cultural themes, including Hollywood, Japan and Geishas. These incorporate a variety of different techniques including E-textiles work. 

Japanesse inspiration
hollywood inspired
Geisha inspired

Year 8 After School Club

On a visit to Cleethorpes Academy recently I saw this decorated tailor’s dummy which I thought was a really eye catching way of promoting textiles. When Marie McDonagh and her team moved into their newly built block she wanted some textiles work to brighten up the corridors and this was the inspiration for a year 8 after school project. The dummy is covered in flowers, butterflies and other decoration made from old curtains, cushions and other scrap fabrics. Pupils also dyed scrap calico using tie dye and batik, and created unusual design features such as zip and tape measure flowers. I loved the bright splash of colour in the corridor that really promoted textiles well. I also liked that it was an art textiles piece with a bit of a technical and design edge to it.  




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