Groby Community College (Leicester) 

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Congratulations to Sally Beeston from Groby Community College
A huge congratulations to Sally Beeston for winning an Outstanding Teacher of Design and Technology award from the D&T Association. 

I nominated Sally for this award as she has supported a number of projects I have been involved in over the last few years, and I felt her commitment and approach to teaching textiles deserved recognition. Both the work of Sally’s students, and her passion for her subject, represent excellence in textiles and I was honoured to nominate her, and absolutely delighted that her work was recognised through the award. 

Scroll down to see some of the fabulous work of Sally’s students that has been showcased in my annual Textile Teachers Event. 

Fabulous GCSE & A Level work

Sally Beeston and the students from Groby Community College have supported my annual 
Textiles Teacher Event since its very first year by allowing me to showcase some of their fantastic work. 

Work from this school was showcased as part of The Textiles Teacher Event  every year since it began in 2011. 

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