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E-textiles door hangers


Laura Hastings adapted this project from the e-textiles cushion module of work that is featured below. The project was adapted because of a reduction in KS3 time but the success of the original project meant Laura was keen to keep some of the key parts of the module as it had been popular with students and taught important knowledge and skills. The module focuses on key elements of learning around electronics, as well as having a particular focus on designing for end users. This module of work shows how smaller, shorter projects can still develop key skills, as well as covering important learning relating to the KS3 curriculum. I also like how the projects are very different to each other which clearly reflects that students have focused on different users and their specific needs, something which is an important part of KS3 and 4. 


Cushion with removable e-textiles keyring 

Laura Woodward's year 8 students have designed these cushions using e-textiles, appliqué, and the embroidery machine to create a side seam tag using the student’s initials. This is Hastings High School’s first e-textiles project and Laura was inspired after looking at some of the online e-textiles projects I have produced. 

IMG 1024

As part of their brief students had to create a separate completely removable feature on their cushion which could be used as a keyring or bag charm. This is also a good design idea that also allows the cushion to be washed. 

IMG 0963

The e-textiles circuit used in the cushions features a coin cell holder, a standard LED and a press stud as a switch.

Laura estimates the cost of the project at around £1.75 per student for the e-textiles components and fabrics (excluding the cushion pad which students provide themselves). 

One of the things I like about this project is that it works well with and without the e-textiles design. Where schools can’t afford the cost of the e-textiles components this element of the design could be optional for students who want to pay to use the resources. This means that students can be introduced to e-textiles, perhaps as a taster for GCSE projects, without the costs this can entail. 

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