Tenby International School, (Setia Eco Park, Malaysia)

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Year 9 Hooded Tops 

Kathryn Hall says her year 9 students love this project producing fabulous hooded tops with striking prints. I’m not surprised they love it as the end products are well made with striking and professional printed designs.

Kathyrn Hall 0614

As part of the brief students were asked to include a stencil design. They used a selection of stencil graffiti books for inspiration, drew their own designs or looked online. Polar fleece is used for the fabric, which is bought from a local supplier, although Kathryn has resorted to using blankets from Ikea for alternative colours. This is a good fabric to use as you don’t have to worry about finishing the seams. 

The tops featured in an event at the school called ‘Pop Night’, a collaborative event with the art, music and drama department show casing the work of year 9 students from the creative faculties. It was a great opportunity to show the work to the community and students felt really proud. 

Kathryn Hall 0695

Work from the school showcased as part of The Textiles Teacher Event 2014

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