Flixton Girls' School (Trafford)

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Pop-up shop to showcase fabulous GCSE textiles work

I love the way that Tracey Heaton from Flixton Girls’ School has showcased her students’ GCSE textiles work using a gazebo to create a pop-up shop feel. 

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Tracey has used a gazebo decorated with fairly lights, with work hanging from rails, as well as from the gazebo itself, along with hangers and eye catching tags she has made herself. 

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The display is very professional and eye catching and really showcases the students’ high quality work in an unusual way. This is a great way of really standing out from other displays at an open evening or other similar event. 


The students' GCSE work is of a really high quality with a wide variety of outcomes including fashion items, horse numnahs, and interiors. Textiles is a popular subject at the mixed ability girls’ school with students achieving 100% A* - C for the last 2 years. 


Why not use a similar pop-up shop idea to showcase work at your next open evening or similar event?

The Textiles Teacher Roadshow

Tracey’s pop up shop idea was used to inspire a display at the Annual Textiles Teacher Roadshow. The pop up shop was a real talking point of the day and showcased samples of work in a really eye catching way.

pop up shop

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